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Fragrant Jasmine

The dainty white buds of this climbing jasmine polyanthum emerge into starry fragrant flowers set amid the neat evergreen foliage. These winter flowering jasmine will thrive in a cool light room - water regularly while your jasmine plant is blooming.
Current Description
Fresh in for the new season, these scented jasmine hoops are always popular and will be delivered with an absolute mass of fragrant buds and flowers just as pictured.
45cm tall in 1L pot
Close up of Jasmine blooms Close up of buds and flowers Jasmine Hoop Fragrant Jasmine         Fragrant Jasmine         Fragrant Jasmine         Fragrant Jasmine         Fragrant Jasmine         Fragrant Jasmine
Fragrant Jasmine
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

This winter flowering jasmine (jasmine polyanthum) will produce masses of fragrant starry flowers on a sunny windowsill.

To ensure your plant gets enough light, place it near a window in a bright room or conservatory. A cool room is best so try to keep your plant away from any radiators.

When these plants are in small pots they will need watering generously daily, especially if your room is centrally heated. Water from the top and let the excess drain away, or stand in water for twenty minutes. If you have to go away for a while stand them in a tray or saucer which has a little water in it.

Once your Jasmine has finished flowering it can be planted out in the garden permanently or potted up for a repeat show indoors.

If your plant still appears to be thirsty and the leaves dry, try spraying the leaves with water to keep them moist. If the leaves appear scorched or crispy check that they are not too close to the glass. Leaves and buds can both be scorched or chilled by contact with window glass.

More Information

White Jasmine

Scientific Name:Jasmine Polyanthum

Also known as "pink jasmine"

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