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Giant Poinsettia

These supersize Poinsettias are available in a range of reds pinks and whites for a real display of festive colour. Don"t forget Poinsettias like a warm room away from draughts and because they are a bit more cold sensitive it is best to avoid sending them over the weekend.
Current Description
These gorgeous Giant Poinsettias are looking better than ever, measuring over 50cm across the top. We've now sold out of the classic red but we do have the more unusual glitter, white and pink marble varieties available from the drop down menu at half the usual price.
60cm+ in 5L pot
Giant Poinsettia         Giant Poinsettia         Giant Poinsettia         Giant Poinsettia         Giant Poinsettia         Giant Poinsettia         Giant Poinsettia Giant Poinsettia         Giant Red Poinsettia Plant Giant White
Giant White
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Your Poinsettia will flower for many weeks if you follow a few basic rules. Just remember they come from Mexico - and are built for hot days and warm nights.

The leaves and bracts are quite tender, and can be damaged by cold draughts, or too much heat. If they are near a window, don"t let them get too close to the glass and try to keep them a distance from any radiators.

Whilst the plant is in a small pot it will need regular watering - don"t let it dry out completely. Water from the top and let the excess drain away, or stand the whole pot in water for 20mins. Remember this is a plant from a desert country so be careful not to overwater. The top of the soil should seem only slightly damp when you touch it - not soggy.

Most people treat their poinsettias as annuals and throw them out once the festive season is over. However with a little care your Poinsettia will flower again next year.

If you want to keep your plant going for next Christmas, after flowering, give the plant a rest. You can decrease the water and let the bracts drop. In summer repot into a larger pot. Make sure the soil mass is moistened and place in a sunny window, or in a conservatory. You will need to pinch out the growing shoots to encourage branching and keep the plant growing actively all summer by regular watering and feeding every two weeks with a complete soluble fertilizer. If you can keep your plant looking healthy until next autumn it should provide you with a beautiful show again in time for next Christmas.

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Scientific Name:Euphorbia pulcherrima

"The Latin name means "very beautiful". They are now named after Joel Roberts Poinsett who imported them when he was the first United States Ambassador to Mexico.

"Flowers are actually bracts and they come in all shades of red