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Hyacinth Planter

These sweet smelling Hyacinths are a great gift to bring a bit of cheer to a windowsill or doorstep.
Current Description
Hyacinths are a lovely scented gift to brighten a winter home. We've had a real rush on these hyacinth planters this week but we will have some more ready by the 20th February. Delivered already budded ready to bloom within a few days in a pretty cream planter with hessian detail, reserve yours now and choose between blue or pink hyacinth bulbs from the drop down menu and we'll post some new pictures of the cream planters as soon as we can.
20cm x 13cm planter
Pink hyacinth planter Close up of Blue Hyacinths Hyacinth Planter         Hyacinth Planter         Hyacinth planter Hyacinth Planter
Hyacinth planter
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Budding hyacinths will flower in a few days if you put them in a good light with plenty of water. They are not too fussy about temperature, but the warmer it is the more water they need, and the faster they grow.

Keep turning the plants so that they grow upright, rather than in the direction of the sunlight. In a very warm room you may find that staking the plants helps keep them growing straight.

Keep the soil moist all the time by watering every day.

When the flowers are over you can plant the bulbs in the garden where they will flower again next year.

As long as you keep the roots moist whilst they are growing hyacinths are extremely reliable. If for any reason your bulbs fail to flower please do let us know immediately.

More Information


Scientific Name:Hyacinth

According to Greek mythology hyacinth got its name when a young boy named Hyacinth was killed by a discus hitting him in the head during a game. A hyacinth sprang from the cut in his head as he lay in the arms of the god Apollo