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Large Chinotto with ripe fruit Large Chinotto Scented Chinotto flowers in spring Ripening Chinotto fruit close up
Large Chinotto

Large Chinotto

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5 Stars
13 reviews
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This unusual citrus tree (Citrus myrtofolia) has a much smaller leaf than other citrus trees and is one of the hardiest orange trees as well as being a really unusual variety in the UK. They make great gifts for a citrus collector or someone who likes their cocktails as their medium sized sour orange is used to make the popular Italian drink Campari!
Current Description
We don't have any of these Chinotto plants at the moment, but if you would like to know when we are likely to have more of these specialist plants or would like to be added to our Wishlist, then please contact us.
80cm tall in a 5L pot
5 Stars 4.8/ 5 13 reviews
Customer Image
Customer Image
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Angela Delfino, Dec 27
5 stars

Beautiful tree with lots of fruits!

Malachy Skilton, Apr 19
5 stars

High quality tree was delivered as always! Excited to see what Chinottos taste like - a lot of fruits on their way

francesca cotogno, Mar 15
5 stars

Very happy that not only I could purchase the tree but I could also choose the vase and the card!

Customer Image
Jane Smithers, Jan 04
5 stars

Chinotto plant arrived looking good, and I like the gift pot as well.

Palakorn Sorasan, Aug 31
5 stars

Looks healthy and beautiful

Customer Image
Chris L, May 20
5 stars

Very good service and healthy looking plants.

Mabel M, Jan 07
5 stars

I received a beautiful and healthy plant, on time and beautifully presented.

Mrs M., Dec 23
5 stars

I received a lovely, sturdy little tree that had fruit on it. It is healthy and pest free. Excellent.

F A Flight, Dec 03
5 stars

Great healthy looking plant , with 3 fruit on it . Excellent, very pleased .

HKP, Sep 10
5 stars

Neither the cheapest or most expensive website for a chinotto. However, the tree that arrived was in excellent condition and exactly as pictured and described on the website. Packaging was excellent so tree arrived in perfect condition.

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Chinottos (Citrus myrtifolia) or myrtle leaved orange originate in China but have been adopted by the Italians who make a traditional citrus and herbal drink of the same name.

Despite their exotic origins Chinottos do surprisingly well in this country and are hardier than a lot of other oranges and mandrins. They have both tasty orange fruit and fragrant white star shaped flowers and can bring pleasure for years with the right care.

Citrus trees like lots of light so a spot near a window or a conservatory is ideal. In winter, try and keep your tree away from central heating. In the heat of summer, you can give your plant a holiday. Put it outside on a sheltered patio and it will enjoy the fresh air. Bring it back inside when a frost starts to look likely. Your plant will start to suffer in temperatures below 0˚C.

Water thoroughly from the top once or twice a week and let the excess water drain away. The roots should not be left to stand in water. Don't worry If the soil feels too dry on top - the most common cause of problems is watering too frequently in the winter months when the plant is resting.

The fruit of this tree should be picked when orange and eaten fresh from the tree either for the fruits or juiced for the refreshing juice.

Problem Solving:

Overwatering, underwatering and shock can all be a cause of leaf drop. One or two leaves is not something to worry about but more than 20 and your plant is in a grump. However, in most cases, return to a regular watering routine and temperature will lead to recovery. In the summer, citrus trees will benefit from citrus feed every few weeks to encourage growth.

Our plants are grown in a pesticide free environment. In the unlikely event that you find any pests (including aphids or caterpillars) on your Chinotto plant use a soft soap or pest spray to wash off the offending creatures and pick off any damaged leaves to keep the plant tidy.

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