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Large red poinsettia Christmas poinsettia Poinsettia from above Closeup of poinsettia Festive poinsettia
Large red poinsettia

Large Red Poinsettia

Top quality British Grown Poinsettias are always very popular and are the perfect way to send a bit of festive cheer.
Current Description
These strong Sussex grown poinsettias are looking super and will make a gorgeous festive addition to your home as pictured.
55cm+ tall in a 3L pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Poinsettias originally come from Mexico but their rich coloured bracts and winter flowering make them a very popular festive plant in the UK.. Your Poinsettia will flower for many weeks if you follow a few basic rules.

These Sussex grown poinsettias are stronger plants than the imported plants you often see in shops but they are still quite tender and don’t like being too hot or cold. Keep them away from the glass if next to a window, and away from a radiator.

Whilst the plant is in a small pot it will need regular watering. Water from the top and let the excess drain away, or stand the whole pot in water for 20mins. The top of the soil should seem only slightly damp when you touch it – not soggy.

Most people treat their poinsettias as annuals and throw them out after the festive season. However, with a little care your Poinsettia can flower again next year.

If you want to keep your plant going for next Christmas, after flowering, give the plant a rest. You can decrease the water and let the bracts drop. In summer repot into a larger pot. Make sure the soil mass is moistened and place in a sunny window, or in a conservatory. You will need to pinch out the growing shoots to encourage branching and feed and water regularly. If you can keep your plant looking healthy until next autumn, the leaves will start to colour up and it should provide you with a beautiful show again in time for next Christmas.

Problem Solving

The most common problem with poinsettias are caused by cold which will lead to shrivelling of the coloured leaves – they must always be kept above 10C. Poinsettia’s are from a desert country so be careful not to overwater and if your plant does get a little too wet you will need to let the soil dry out before re-establishing the normal routine. If the leaves start to droop then it is likely it is thirsty and a quick drink will usually perk it back up.

PLEASE NOTE: Poinsettias are poisonous if ingested so please keep your plant away from pets and small children.