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Lucky Leaves

These unusual foliage plants make a great housewarming or office gift and are thought to bring luck and good fortune.
Current Description
These beautiful plants have such lovely looking leaves rather like mini waterlily pads. Vibrant and fresh again this week they will arrive looking taller and bushier than pictured. New photos coming just as soon as we can.
40cm+ high in a 3L pot
Lucky Leaves Lucky Leaves Flowers Lucky Leaves Lucky Leaves Lucky Leaves
Lucky Leaves
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Looking after your Lucky plant

Although these striking ‘Lucky Leaves’ plants (Centella asiatica 'Lucky Leaves') come from hotter climates, they make a surprisingly easy-going house plant in the UK.

Best in a bright spot near a window or skylight but keep it out of very bright direct sunlight. A bathroom or kitchen would be ideal as these plants come from swamps in Asia and are used to humid conditions.

In the spring and summer when the plant is growing it will need to be watered fairly regularly and you should aim to keep the soil damp to the touch at all time. To encourage your plant to grow you might like to feed it every month with ordinary houseplant food.

As your lucky leaves plant grows it can be repotted in a larger pot. Choose a good quality container compost and just repot one pot size at a time. These plants are quite slow growers, but they will stay evergreen all year round.