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Magnolia Stellata Flower Magnolia Stellata Magnolia                 Magnolia                 Magnolia                 Magnolia
Magnolia Stellata


Elegant spring flowers. A real classic gem these magnolia stellata 'water lillies' are semi-dwarf trees and will grow on to make fantastic feature plants in any size garden.
Current Description
We're delighted to have some stunning Magnolia Stellata budding up nicely at the nursery this week. These are substantial shrubs as pictured, that will bloom year after year.
90cm tall in a 10L pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Magnolias are hardy garden plants producing stunning flowers in early spring. This variety Magnolia Stellata ‘Waterlily’ is a more compact variety that is perfect for the smaller garden or border.

While your Magnolia is in a pot it will need regular watering when the top of the soil dries out. The soil should feel wet to touch and you can stand the bottom of the plastic pot in a little water if the weather is particularly warm.

After flowering your Magnolia plant can be repotted in a larger pot with suitable container compost or planted out into the ground. When planting Magnolias in the garden, choose a sheltered part-shaded position where you can see the winter flowers. Try to avoid a situation where the early morning sun shines on frosted plants because this can spoil the flowers.

Over time this compact variety of magnolia will grow on to a sizable bush producing a really dramatic display of slightly scented white flowers in March April.