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Personalised Heart Personalised Heart       Personalised Heart       Personalised Heart       Personalised Heart
Personalised Heart

Personalised Heart

These cute heart shaped succulent plants make a lasting gift . Easy to look after on a desk or windowsil they will grow on to produce further baby hearts in time.
Current Description
Great gifts for anniversaries, these cute heart shaped gifts can be customised with your own initials. Just let us know your preferred intitials or what the text should read in the box below.
12cm tall in a 7cm diameter pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Looking after your Succulents

These baby succulents are very easy-going houseplants. A bright spot is ideal, but your plant will tolerate a range of conditions as long as it is protected from temperatures under 8˚C.

These plants are native to the desert so they will not need much water. Water a small amount (around a quarter of a teacup) every 2 or 3 weeks to keep the flesh a healthy green.

These plants are quite slow growers and their size can easily be contained by a small pot. To encourage growth, repot your plant once a year. In a sunny spot your succulents should eventually produce colourful blooms.

Problem solving

These plants are pretty resistant to neglect. However, if your plant does start looking sorry for itself, remove any dead or soft leaves, spines or patches and move to a sunnier position. Shrivelling can be a sign of under watering so try watering more regularly. On the flip side, mould at the base or the bottom of the leaves is a sign of over watering or too damp a position, so try a sunnier, airier room and let it dry out at bit longer in between watering.