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Ruby Red Indoor Planter

These pretty red zinc planters make great gifts for the winter months. Planted up with a mixed selection of 4 red themed indoor plants these planters will bloom on a cool windowsil for several weeks.
Current Description
Fresh in for the new season and looking lovely. This weeks planters contain a seasonal collection of 4 indoor red flowering plants such as kalanchoes, polka dot plants, cyclamen, primulas and hyacinths just as pictured.
up to 40cm high in a 20cm planter
Ruby red planter Indoor planter Red Planter Ruby Red Indoor Planter
Ruby red planter
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Your planted basket is made up of plants that look good at this time of year- but not all the plants are hardy so they are best inside rather than out in the frost and snow.

Choose a cool windowsill, table, or porch and your planter will bring colour to the darkest days. It is best to keep your planter away from any radiators.

The amount you need to water, will depend upon where you keep it. In a warm room you may need to water several times a week, but. In a porch you will need less. Try to keep the compost damp - not dry and not soggy. (Please be careful when watering your planter as the baskets are not completely water tight - you may wish to place your planter on a plastic mat or tablecloth to protect your furniture.)

If the leaves or flowers start to droop, water thoroughly immediately and they should soon recover.It is a good idea to keep pinching out the flowers as they fade to encourage the young buds and to avoid mildew. Once all the flowering plants are over you can still enjoy the foliage, and you can even replace plants and make a seasonal display.