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Skimmia from above Close up of skimmia flower in spring Red Skimmia Red Dwarf skimmia in tight bud
Close up of skimmia flower in spring


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The beauty of skimmia is that they provide interest in the garden for so much of the year making them a great gift. Lovely glossy foliage and flower buds that will hold right the way through the Autumn and Winter opening into delicate pretty flowers in the Spring.
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We’re very sorry, but we have currently sold out of these hard working garden plants. We will get some more later this year, but If you’d like a gift sooner, we have a wide range of gorgeous flowering plants for the garden available for delivery now.
30cm tall in a 3L pot
5 Stars 5/ 5 2 reviews
Lorna Parker, Oct 15
5 stars

My parents loved this gift, perfect with it's year-round colour.

NurseD, Dec 14
5 stars

Plant was a present for a friend - who was really pleased with it. Plant in good condition - and hopefully will last for a long time. A+++++

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Skimmias are valued for their neat evergreen foliage and winter colour. Happiest in a shaded area of the garden, these low maintenance shrubs develop clusters of bright red flower buds in the autumn which then open to small, white flowers in the spring.

Skimmias are hardy outdoor plants that like woodland conditions – deep fertile soil and a bit of shade. However, if you don’t want to plant it out straight away, your Skimmia can also be kept in a container on a patio.

If keeping in a container, your plant will need more regular watering to ensure it doesn’t get too dry, the compost should feel moist to the touch. If planting out, keep your plant well-watered during dry spells in spring and summer for the first couple of years, until its roots are well-established. Once established, Skimmia are fairly drought-tolerant and shouldn’t need regular watering.

Your Skimmia will not require much pruning as these plants have a naturally tidy and compact growing habit. If necessary, lightly prune after flowering to maintain your plant’s shape.

Problem solving:

If your plant is struggling the leaves may become pale and yellowish. This is a sign of poor, dry soil, or too much sun, so move it to a more shaded place and mulch with a top dressing of compost.

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