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Stephanotis              Stephanotis floribunda flowers Stephanotis              Stephanotis Close up Close up of Stephanotis flower buds Stephanotis in off-white ceramic pot


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This beautifully scented Madagascar Jasmine is very popular with plant lovers and cannot fail to please. Trained around a hoop the neat dark green foliage sets off the classic creamy-white flowers.
Current Description
This week's Stephanotis are all looking gorgeous with plenty of buds and blooms. Grown up a circular frame the classic cream flowers last for ages and the plant will look very pretty for weeks after arrival.
40cm tall in a 1L pot
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5 Stars 5/ 5 20 reviews
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Mrs de Winter, Sep 07
5 stars

Beautiful, healthy, full of leaf & growing in a lovely, sturdy pot.

Helen Hack, Sep 03
5 stars

Plant arrived on the date stated, well packaged, so in perfect condition, with instructions on how to best look after the plant. This is the 2nd plant purchased from Plants4Presents, the previous being a lemon, which is still going strong after 18+ months having produced a lot of fruit, so we decided to add an orange to our collection. Would recommend 100%

Gwen Ferber, Aug 25
5 stars

Delightfull to look at with a lovely perfume,

Julie Self, Aug 04
5 stars

This plant arrived on time for our wedding anniversary and delighted my husband. It’s the 4th plant we have bought this year and they are all of excellent quality, well packaged and in great condition. They are proving delightful to grow as well! Thank you.

joanie pitts, Jul 06
5 stars

Great purchase. Was exactly as advertised on website.

Tina Rose, Jun 02
5 stars

Lovely tree. This tree was a gift to me. Only down side is that its like having a needy friend coming to live with you.

Mrs Rowden, May 26
5 stars

Gift, healthy, unusual, good value fruit developing

Tina, Apr 21
5 stars

Gorgeous well cared for plant Smells fabulous when I’m bloom

gary fowler, Feb 26
5 stars

Healthy looking plant

Mrs Diana E Lunn, Feb 24
5 stars

The stephanotis arrived in perfect condition and the recipient was delighted.

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

These evergreen scented Stephanotis or Madagascan Jasmine make a rewarding and fragrant houseplant.

These are plants of the forest – they like some light, but don’t like to be scorched. A light spot in a cool room or north facing windowsill is ideal. They also like some humidity and often do best in kitchens or bathrooms where the air is damper. If this is not possible you can always give the foliage a light mist every week or so.

How often you need to water will depend on the room conditions. Typically, about a teacup a week but make your own judgement by feeling the weight of the pot. Try feeling the weight when dry and when well-watered and then try and keep it half-way in between. Water from the top and let the excess drain out through the lightweight compost.

Problem Solving:

The most common problem with Stephanotis is dramatic changes in temperature, they do like a steady cool temperature out of any draughts and away from radiators. Stephanotis tend to flower for several weeks producing waxy white star shaped flowers in succession in late winter/ early spring. Once the scented flowers have finished, trim them back to keep your plant neat and keep it somewhere cool ready for repeat display next year.

Stephanotis are not too greedy feeders but if you notice the new growth becoming pale or mottled in anyway feed with a general purpose houseplant food according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

More Information

Madagascar Jasmine

Scientific Name:Stephanotis

Not a true Jasmine