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String of Hearts String of Hearts String of Hearts String of Hearts String of Hearts
String of Hearts

String of Hearts

Also known as Ceropegia, these String of Hearts are a gorgeous addition to a well-lit room. Although they aren't classed as a succulent they do store water in their stems making them an easy and rewarding plant to care for.
Current Description
We're so pleased to have these popular houseplants available again this week. With cascades of pretty heart-shaped leaves they are looking stunning and will make an on trend gift that is easy to look after.
25cm drop of foliage in a 10cm Kokodama pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Also known as ‘Rosary vine’, your String of Hearts plant (Ceropegia woodi) is an unusual vining semi succulent with fine stems, slightly fleshy leaves and in summer they can have the most unusual, vase shaped flowers that will grow best as a houseplant in the UK. A bright room with lots of indirect light is best, position a meter or more away from a south facing window so that the sunshine does not touch the leaves directly, or position closer to an east or west facing window. Keep you plants warm between 21 – 29 degrees Celsius your plant will struggle below 15 degrees Celsius.

These plants are native to South Africa so they will not need much water. Water a small amount (around a teacup) every week or 2 in the spring and summer to keep the flesh a healthy green, but do keep the plant dry all through the winter when this plant will become dormant.

These plants are quite slow growers and their size can easily be contained by a small pot. To encourage growth, repot your plant into a slightly larger pot, once every 2 years in the growing season, do not repot your new plant, they will be okay in this size pot for 2 years. In a sunny spot your String of heart should bloom throughout the Summer and you may even develop white round ariel tubers down the heart strings.

Problem solving

These plants are pretty easy to care for, However, if your plant does start looking sorry for itself, remove any dead or soft leaves and move to a sunnier position. Shrivelling can be a sign of under watering so try watering more regularly. On the flip side, mould or yellowing of the leaves is a sign of over watering or too damp a position, so try a sunnier, airier room and let it dry out at longer in between watering.

For more information about your String of hearts plant or our other gift plants visit www.plants4presents.co.uk or call 01825 721162

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