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Viburnum are a great garden plant with pretty clusters of flowers. There are many different varieties but this winter flowering variety will provide a lovely display in a pot or in the border.
Current Description
A great long flowering shrub providing scent and colour in the depths of winter. Over time these hardy shrubs can either be grown as a free-standing bush, or trained up a wall or fence outside. We're expecting some more of these pretty viburnum plants to arrive at the end of the month and we'll update this page as soon as we have some more news.
45cm+ tall in a 3L pot
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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

These Viburnum are great easy-going shrubs for the garden and will thrive in a range of positions.

When your plant arrives, you can enjoy it and it’s flowers in a pot for a while if you prefer, just choose a cool light room or patio. Once you are ready to plant your viburnum out, dig a nice big hole and as you would do with any new planting add some rich compost to the hole to get it settled in. Keep well watered, whilst it is establishing or whilst in a pot and plant in anything from full sun to shade.

Viburnum require very little maintenance, just remove any damaged or crossing branches in late winter/early spring.

Problem solving

If kept inside too long Viburnum can develop mildew or other complications so if your plant starts to look limp, pop it outside on a doorstep or patio until you have time to plant it.

These are permanent plants for the garden and will grow on into large bushes. They are not very hungry plants but every year or two it will be worth giving them a top dressing of compost to keep the leaves healthy and green.

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