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Young Walnut Tree Walnut tree leaves Young walnut tree in metal pail
Young Walnut Tree

Walnut Tree

These cute nut trees (juglans regia) will grow well in full sun or partial shade and produce tasty crops of sweet nuts each autumn.
Current Description
Walnut trees make a lovely gift for a patio or garden and this weeks plants are looking nice and bushy and very similar to pictured. Although these are young trees we do expect them to produce their first nuts within a couple of years.
40cm + tall in a 2Lpot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

This Walnut Tree, (Juglans Regia) has been bred to fruit when young and should produce it's first fruit next year.

Walnut trees can live for decades and will eventually reach a sizeable tree. They are completely frost hardy and will do well in a range of soils and situations. Like most trees they don't need a lot of pruning or care and this variety is self-fertile so can be planted on it's own rather than as an orchard.

Whilst your plant is in a small pot it will need regular watering. Aim to water it heavily and then allow the top of the compost to dry out before watering heavily again. As soon as practical your walnut tree will benefit from being planted out in the garden or potted up in a much larger pot. Add a top dressing of well rotted manure or other rich compost to help your plant settle in.

These plants are already 2 years old and take around 10 years to fully mature In the meantime you should still get small crops of tasty fruits from next October.

Your plant shouldn't need much feeding but if you are keeping it in the small pot for a while or the leaves start to appear pale of mottled then a good general purpose feed will always give it a good boost. Walnut trees are deciduous so don't be alarmed if it starts to lose its leaves in winter. These plants are reasonably hardy but if we do have particularly cold spells (-5C or colder) then a fleece or heavy straw mulch will give your plant a bit more protection especially in the first couple of years

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