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Zebra Plant Zebra Flower Zebra Plant
Zebra Plant

Zebra Plant

Known as zebra plant or 'banded' Howarthia these easy going plants will do well in a range of light levels and with very little care.
Current Description
These quirky succulents make a great gift for a modern flat or desktop.
Plant is 15cm tall, including a 1L pot.
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

These striking houseplants (Haworthia fasciata ‘Big Band’) originate in South Africa and are used to hot dry conditions so will thrive indoors in a warm room. A bright windowsill or desktop is ideal, but your plant will tolerate a range of conditions if it is protected from temperatures under 8˚C.

These plants are native to the desert, so they will not need much water. Water a small amount (around an eggcup) every week or two to keep the flesh a healthy green.

These plants are very slow growers and their size can easily be contained by a small pot. To encourage growth, repot your plant once a year with either a special cactus compost or multipurpose compost and extra grit.

These succulents plants are usually very easy going. However, if your plant does start looking sorry for itself, remove any dead or soft leaves, or patches and move to a sunnier position. Shrivelling can be a sign of under watering so try watering more regularly. On the flip side, soft or brown patchs at the base or the bottom of the leaves is a sign of over watering or too damp a position, so try a sunnier, airier room and let it dry completely for a couple of weeks.