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Purple clematis Vagabond Clematis Vagabond Clematis vagabond bud Clematis Vagabond Clematis vagabond in vintage pail
Clematis Vagabond

Clematis Vagabond

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These pretty clematis 'Vagabond' are vigorous climbers which put a dramatic summer show of dramatic dark purple flowers.
Current Description
The plants are looking lovely this week with the first stunning purple flower and buds coming for future colour too. We will update the photos as soon as we can.
90cm tall including a deep 3L pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Clematis is a climbing garden plant and long term will do best planted out in the garden against a wall or fence or in a large pot or container on a patio.

Whilst in a pot, your Clematis will need to be watered regularly. Water thoroughly from the top every couple of days and let the excess drain away during the day. You may want to add an ordinary house plant feed to the water every week or so to help your plant continue flowering.

When you are ready to re-pot, bear in mind that your clematis roots should be cool, planted deep and the new shoots should grow freely towards the light. Clematis are vigorous climbers and will reward you with a mass of flowers in Spring and early summer. Please see the individual picture label on your plant for more information about flowering season and pruning

Problem Solving

If your plant is not flowering it is often to do with the roots getting too warm and the top of the plant not getting enough light. Place some ground cover plants or mulch or stones over the top of the soil to help keep the plant cooler. Wilting at the tips, shrivelling, and dying back is often caused by the plant being waterlogged damaging the roots.