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Croton Petra Colourful Croton Petra leaves Croton Petra Plant Close up of croton petra leaf Croton Petra
Croton Petra

Croton Petra Plant

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Perfect for an office, a desktop or even a bathroom windowsil, these easy going houseplants will bring colour and cheer all year round.
Current Description
The new Croton Petra plants are looking fabulous, with lots of dramatic stripy foliage. As pictured, these vibrant and striking houseplants bring a gorgeous splash of colour to any space.
25cm tall including a 1L pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

These attractive Codiaeum variegatum house plants are commonly known as Croton Petra. They are easy going and durable plants – keep them above 14°C, away from direct light and cold draughts and they will do very well for you.

They also like it humid and so a bathroom or kitchen are the best rooms for them. Alternatively, you can use a pebble tray or spray them with water regularly, especially in the summer to increase the humidity around the plant and stop the tips drying out if your home is very dry.

Only water when the top 2cm of soil is bone dry. In their small pot this might be as often as every 3 or 4 days in the summer and as little as once every other week through the winter. It is best to take the plant out from the outer pot and rest on the draining board or sink so the excess water can drain away while you are watering. Leave it to drain for 30 minutes before placing it back in its normal position.

You might like to feed it every month during the summer and an ordinary houseplant food is perfect for the job. Last, but not least wipe the leaves from time to time to keep them dust free.

Problem solving:

Brown leaf tips and sudden leaf loss are the result of a dry atmosphere. Try giving your plant a good misting and water more regularly. Yellowing leaves is caused by too much water, leave your plant to drain and dry out more between watering.

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