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Pair of Festive Bay Tree's Festive Pair of Bays     Festive Pair of Bays     Festive Pair of Bays
Pair of Festive Bay Tree's

Festive Pair of Bays

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This special offer includes 2 of our stunning half standard lollipop bay trees hand decorated for the festive season. Delivered just as pictured with a good head of fragrant foliage these decorated trees will make a fantastic festive welcome either side of the front door.
Current Description
These Festive Bay Trees are now back in for the festive season and we have some lovely new decorations for them this year just as pictured.
2 x 1.1m tall
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

This is the sweet bay tree - Laurus nobilis - it is normally grown outside, but young trees are quite happy indoors in winter and are very easy to care for.

If inside make sure the plant gets plenty of daylight, by putting it near a window. A cool room or a light porch is best, and it will be happiest away from any radiators.

When in a small pot, young bays will need some watering, especially if your room is centrally heated.

Repot your bay tree when it starts to get too big for its existing pot. If you have a garden, a patio or a window box then your bay will appreciate spending the summer outside. When it grows older this bay can be planted out and can grow into quite a sizeable tree. Larger trees look great clipped into a ball or pyramid. New shoots are a different colour - in the spring and summer your plant should begin to put on new leaves, don"t worry if they are a lighter colour than the existing leaves, they will colour up over a few weeks.

Problem Solving: Bay trees are very tough trees that require little maintenance.Crisp or brown leaves are the result of underwatering, give your plant a good soak and it will start to recover.

Bay leaves add a wonderful savoury flavour to soups, stews and meat dishes - put the washed leaves in the dish whole, but remove before serving.

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