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Fuchsia"s are a great plant for a doorstep or summer patio easy to care for and bursting with vibrant pink colours. Fuchsia"s also have a really long flowering season and will bloom right through into the autumn.
Current Description
These hardy deciduous fuchsias are perfect for a pot on the patio or as a focal point in a flower bed. This week's fuchsias are a striking variety called Tom West and are looking lovely with there first set of flowers starting to open for this season. A mass of pretty red and pink flower buds just about to open - just as pictured.
35cm tall in a 1L pot
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Tom West Fuchsia Fuchsia                  Fuchsia                  Fuchsia
Tom West Fuchsia
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Fuchsias are a great plant for a doorstep or summer patio, easy to care for and bursting with vibrant summer colours.

Your fuchsia plant will do well either in full sun or partially shady spot, it can be kept indoors for short period but will prefer to be outside long term.

Ideally soil should be moist but not waterlogged. Your fuchsia has recently been potted up so will have plenty of nutrients for the first month or so. After that it will benefit from a little bone meal added to the soil every so often and a mulch is a good idea in the autumn.

Cut your plant back hard in Spring for a compact bushy shape and a mass of flowers next Summer.

Problem solving

Yellowing foliage is a sign either that your plants are not getting enough light or that they are lacking feed. A sunnier position and a good dose of liquid plant feed should soon perk them up.