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Geum Geum Geum


Geums are a traditional garden perennial that are seeing a well deserved revival.
Current Description
These pretty geums are a great way to add a bit of colour to a patio or a summer border. This weeks plants are a cheerful and long flowering variety called Koi with dramatic orange-red blooms as pictured.
30cm tall in 1L pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

These pretty flowering perennials are prized for their vibrant flowers and are most at home in the garden.

Geums are very easy going plants that will do well in a wide variety of positions and soils. You can even keep your geum in the pot for a while if you prefer. When planting out chose a sunny east, west or south facing spot where you can enjoy the colourful flowers.

Dig a nice big hole when you do this and as you would do with any new planting add some rich compost to the hole to get it settled in. Keep well watered, whilst it is establishing or whilst in a pot but once it’s settled it won’t need a lot of extra watering.

Pinch out spent flowers regularly to encourage new blooms and water often enough to ensure that the soil remains damp. Geums will naturally dieback at the end of the summer but leave them in place and they will reward you with a lovely display each year from early summer to the first frosts.

Problem solving

Geums are really garden plants so it can be difficult to keep them well watered in a pot. If they wilt dramatically you know they are thirsty so given them a really thorough watering and consider either planting out in the ground or finding a position with a bit of midday shade out of any strong breezes.