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Pair of Patio Fruit and Veg Plants Tomato Veg plants pair Pepper Nasturtium Pair of Patio Fruit and Veg Plants
Veg plants pair

Pair of Patio Fruit and Veg Plants

New for 2021 these tasty veg plants are grown organically in our Sussex nursery in biodegradable pots.
Current Description
This pair of fruit or vegetable plants are a great introduction to growing your own. Pick a pair to get someone's patio started, or to add to your own collection from the drop down menus below.
2 x 30cm to 80cm tall depending on plant + 2L biodegradable Pots
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

These care instructions are just an example. They will change depending on which pair of plants have been ordered

Looking after your Crown Prince Squash Plant

Renowned for its eating qualities this steel grey skinned squash with deep orange flesh can grow to about 4kg (9lbs) in size. To encourage the best harvest these plants should be re-potted 2-4 weeks from delivery, or once the night temperature is above freezing, into larger pots, grow bags or into the ground if you have the space.

They like a sunny location and well-drained soil. Prepare the ground for the squash by making a hole about a spade’s depth, width and height and filling with compost.

If growing more than one squash, space plants 90cm (3ft) apart or just 1 or 2 plants per grow bag, or 1 per container (5 Litre minimum).

Keep the soil or compost constantly moist by watering around the plants, not over them. As they need plenty of water, it’s a good idea to sink a 15cm (6in) pot alongside each plant, then water into it as this prevents the tender neck from rotting. An extra feed once the first fruits start to swell will help increase your harvest particular in a pot. You can use a high potash liquid fertiliser or top dress with well rotted compost or manure. Your tasty crown prince squash will be ready to harvest in August / September. Try them cut into chunks and roasted with cumin and olive oil or peeled and cut into chunks in curries, stews and casseroles. If you have several fruits ripening at the same time, they can be stored whole for several months in a dark, cool place or once cut open for a few days in the fridge.