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Jasmine Azoricum Jasmine azoricum summer close up of jasmine azoricum flower
Jasmine Azoricum

Jasmine Azoricum

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This is a summer flowering variety called jasmine azoricum, these are a tender jasmine and are best enjoyed in a pot outdoors in the summer and in a sheltered spot in a greenhouse or cool bright room over winter.
Current Description
Our jasmine azoricum are looking lovely and leafy this week with one or 2 buds. A rewarding jasmine for a bright room, they will only be available for a limited time. New photos coming soon.
60cm tall in a 2L pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

This Jasmine azoricum is an evergreen climber which will produce masses of white, lemon-scented flowers during the summer months. It is best enjoyed in a conservatory or bright room but can be kept outdoors during the summer in milder areas of the UK.

This variety of Jasmine originates in Madeira and so is tender, it will do best in a conservatory or bright room. However if you live in a mild, Southern area, it can do well outdoors in the summer in a sheltered, sunny spot on a patio. If keeping your plant outdoors in the summer, bring it inside for the winter to a cool bright room.

In warm weather these plants will need regular watering, water from the top and let the excess drain away. As the days get cooler during the winter your plant will need watering less regularly, aim to water once the top inch of soil is dry.

During the summer you can apply a potassium rich fertiliser such as tomato plant feed monthly to help your plant put on more growth and keep the foliage looking fresh. However this is not essential.

During the growing season, when individual jasmine flowers are spent they will naturally turn brown and can look unsightly. To keep you plant looking tidy and encourage even more buds and blooms, nip off these dead flowers at regular intervals.

Once your plant has finished flowering in late summer or early autumn, you can give it a prune to remove any weak or thin stems and thin out any overcrowded, damaged or wayward shoots.

Problem Solving:

If your plant still appears to be thirsty and the leaves dry, try spraying the leaves with water to keep them moist, do this early morning or late evening to avoid scorching the leaves. If the leaves appear scorched or crispy check that they are not too close to the glass. Leaves and buds can both be scorched or chilled by contact with window glass.

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