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Lucky Bamboo

These cute gifts are made of lots of lucky bamboo sticks tied together and presented in a neat ceramic dish. These make great gifts for a new home or office and are perfect for the less than green-fingered! We don't get to choose which colour dish they come in but they are usually either pastel blue, pastel green or cream. Our apologies, therefore, but we can not guarantee a pot colour choice for these plants, as they change so often, and we never know what we're going to get. However, we will send out the loveliest plant available on the day.
Current Description
Lucky bamboo will be happy in any warm room, just keep topping up the water levels to encourage growth. Bamboo is really easy to look after and are a great way to wish health and prosperity. These popular plants are fresh in and looking fantastic for the new season.
30cm high in a 18cm diameter dish
Lucky Bamboo Lucky Bamboo
Lucky Bamboo
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Lucky bamboo or Dracaena sanderiana is an ancient Chinese gift, said to bring good luck and prosperity. This bamboo tower is made up of many stems tied in together in a feng shui arrangement. They are extremely easy to care for and will do well in any warm spot indoors even in low or artificial light.

Your lucky bamboo arrangement will do well anywhere nice and warm. An office desk, windowsill, kitchen or bathroom are all good spots as long as the temperatures is above 12C.

Keep the dish topped up with water so that the lucky bamboo roots have plenty to drink. Every now and again it is a good idea to throw away the old water and replace it with fresh to keep the water clear. Lucky bamboo need so little nutrients they are happy in just water for long periods of time. Eventually, if the leaves start to get pale you can add a general house plant feed to the water a couple of times a month.

Your arrangement is held together with ties which gives the plants stability. If you eventually want to separate the individual canes you can do this gently but you will then need to rebuild them with some support or place individual pieces in high sided vases to give them stability.

Problem solving

Pale leaves is a sign either of lack of nutrients or of not enough light so try a lighter spot first and then a feed if that doesn’t work.

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