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Pink Hydrangea

Easy going flowering plants. They will flower over a long period and will light up any shady corner.
Current Description
Strong pink flowering plants, these hydrangeas are a superb size and are just breaking into bloom and will be delivered with at least 7 large heads of pink flowers and they will make an impressive gift. Hydrangeas can be kept in a pot on a patio or planted in the garden and they will continue to grow on and put on an even bigger display next year.
60+cm high in a 5L pot
Pink Hydrangea     Pink Hydrangea Pink Hydrangea     Pink Hydrangea     Pink Hydrangea
Pink Hydrangea
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Hydrangeas are a woodland plant with attractive long-lasting flowers. With the right care they can bring pleasure for months indoors, or even years in a garden.

When young these flowering bushes make an impressive display indoors. The cooler you keep them the longer the flowers will last, but they do still need to be protected from frost. As they grow older they will be happiest outside.

When the plant is in a small pot it will need regular watering. Water from the top and let the excess drain away. You can stand in very shallow water – but don’t let the plant get too waterlogged. The top of the soil should be damp to the touch at all times.

As the plant grows it should be potted in a larger container or in the ground. In summer try and keep the plant in the cool partly-shaded conditions it would have in woodland. Put it outside on a sheltered patio and it will enjoy the fresh air, plant it in the ground and it will bring you attractive summer flowers for years.

Scorching can be caused by direct sunlight. Be especially wary when moving your plant outside for the first time and move to a shadier position at the first sign of trouble. If the leaves start to droop and the flowers start to curl you know it is thirsty, so water straight away.