Fruiting Plants

Tasty fruit trees, bushes and grapevines for indoors and out.

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  1. Black Hamburg Grapevine
    Black Hamburg Grapevine Early ripening red dessert grapes
  2. Large Fig
    Large Fig Hardy fig trees
  3. Fig Tree
    Fig Tree Dwarf fig tree
  4. Honeyberry
    Honeyberry GYO honeyberries
  5. Grape Vine
    Grape Vine Grow your own grapes
  6. Cherry Tree
    Cherry Tree Patio Cherry Tree
  7. Heritage Apple Tree
    Heritage Apple Tree Old English Favourites
  8. Pair of Large Olives
    Pair of Large Olives SPECIAL OFFER
  9. Sloe Bush
    Sloe Bush Grow Your Own Sloes
  10. Pomegranate
    Pomegranate Exotic fruit bushes
  11. Pair of Apple Trees
    Pair of Apple Trees SPECIAL OFFER
  12. Large Orange Tree
    Large Orange Tree with green ripening fruits
  13. Walnut Tree
    Walnut Tree Young Walnut Tree

16 Items

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