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Orange Trees Avilable to Order Online

Sweet and Sour Orange trees available to buy online.

Our range of orange trees has something for everyone, delivered from our nursery across the UK with gift wrapping, cards, and pots.

Choose orange calamondins for their neat shape, flowers and abundance of tart fruit all year round or send sweet-eating oranges (citrus sinensis), kumquats, clementines, or even chinottos to the more dedicated citrus fan. Order your orange trees online before 3pm for next day delivery, or select a delivery date that suits you .

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Buy Orange Trees Online - Great as Gifts or why not treat Yourself?

We have some super orange trees to send as a gift to a member of your family, friend, neighbour or work colleague. They can even be a lovely little treat for yourself! Bring the Mediterranean into your home with one of our orange trees - from young, tart calamondins and kumquats to sweet orange sinensis and even blood oranges for the citrus collector. Whichever you choose you can have it delivered on a day that suits you with a container and gift card of your choice.

Large Orange Trees, Large Clementine and Blood Orange Trees Online

There’s nothing quite as refreshing and delicious as the taste of an orange or clementine freshly picked from the tree. First though come the flowers which smell heavenly and as these fall away the tiny green fruit is revealed. It's fun to watch as these ripen over the next 9 to 12 months to a full sized orange. Even better, the trees themselves make a very attractive feature in a bright and sunny room.

That’s why giving an orange tree as an anniversary gift, birthday gift, Christmas gift or thank you gift is a perfect choice.

Buy Calamondin Trees Online

We usually have calamondins in at least 2 sizes making them a great gift for any budget or space. A beautiful citrus variety, they are constantly either in flower or fruit. Calamondins themselves are quite tart, but are delicious sliced into a drink or can even be used in marmalade!


The delicious orange fruits make these a very popular Chinese New Year gift. Eat the whole kumquat, fruit and all, straight off the tree - delicious!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a sweet orange and a sour orange?

The sweet orange varieties we sell are sinensis, clementine and blood orange. Sinensis grow to big round fruit and as the names suggests are sweet just like the naval oranges you see in the supermarket. Also large and sweet, blood oranges have red flesh inside their orange skin as you would expect. Although smaller, clementine are also sweet and juicy. All of the varieties take 9 to 12 months for their fruits to grow and fully ripen in this country. To simplify things here we have grouped calamondins, kumquat and chinotto into the sour category. These all produce smaller fruit which are more tart, but still delicious.

Are all orange trees identical?

A common question but the answer is no, there are many varieties of orange trees, and no 2 trees are the same. All the orange trees that we sell are grafted trees which means they will fruit reliably even when the plant is still young. The way the trees are grafted and the root stock they are grafted on will also affect the size, the shape and the way the tree grows.

Why should I buy an orange tree?

What can beat the flavour and juiciness of an orange freshly picked from a tree? As well as their tasty harvest these evergreen trees are handsome plants in their own right, producing gorgeous fragrant blossom off and on throughout the year. In fact one of the nicest things about orange trees is that as they have such a long fruiting season, there is almost always something to look at all year round from spring blossom and embryonic fruits in March to ripe orange fruits in the depths of winter.

Do you sell citrus feed?

Yes we do, our winter citrus feed will help supply your plants with essential nutrients to built healthy fruits and foliage from October to February, while our summer citrus feed is for use from March to September. Click on the link if you'd like to find out more - citrus feed

What if I don't have space in my home for a large orange tree?

No problem! We have some younger varieties available too which are perfect for a windowsill, or to kick start the citrus bug.

Where are your orange trees grown?

The majority of our orange trees are imported directly from growers in Sicily that we have worked with for many years and with whom we have built up good relationships.