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Plants that are safe for Dogs, Cats and other Household Pets

It's great that there is now a lot more awareness about which plants are and are not safe for cats, dogs and other domestic pets.

Most adult dogs and cats will not be interested in chomping on a new plant arrival. However if you are sending as a gift to someone with a new puppy or you're not sure if someone's cat is partial to chewing something they shouldn't, then this collection of plants only includes plants that are non toxic and completely safe to grow around dogs, cats and other common household pets.

So you can still send gorgeous plants and be confident your gift won't cause any problems to your furry friends.

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Plants that are safe for Dogs, Cats and other Household Pets

It's wonderful to see increased awareness regarding the safety of plants for cats, dogs, and other domestic pets. While most adult dogs and cats usually won't show much interest in munching on new plants, it's important to consider situations where you might be gifting to someone with a new puppy or if you're unsure about a cat's tendency to chew on things.

Our collection of pet-friendly plants features plants that are non-toxic and entirely safe to live in the presence of dogs, cats, and other common household pets. This means you can still share the gift of stunning plants with confidence, knowing that your thoughtful present won't pose any issues for your furry companions! Whether you’re choosing a new plant for your home or gifting to a plant owner, our collection of plants that are safe for pets is sure to impress.

Why choose our pet-friendly plants?

The well-being of your pets is our top priority. Each plant in our collection has been thoroughly researched to ensure it's non-toxic to cats and dogs. Now you can enjoy your plants and watch your pets thrive together!

Our team of passionate plant enthusiasts and pet lovers have handpicked a variety of plants that are not only stunning, but are also safe for your pets. From lush foliage to blooming beauties, you'll find a wide range of options to complement your home decor.

Pet-friendly plant gift ideas

Looking for the perfect gift for a fellow pet enthusiast? Our pet-friendly plants make delightful presents for birthdays, housewarmings, or just to show someone you care. Here are our recommendations for pet-friendly plant gifts for any occasion:

  • Spider plant - Air-purifying favourite with variegated leaves, safe for pets.
  • Parlour palm - Elegant and compact, low-maintenance, safe for pets.
  • Olive trees - the classic Mediterranean plant to remind you of sunshine and holidays. Safe for your pet too.

Buy pet-friendly plants online

Transform your living space into a harmonious haven for both you and your pets with our stunning collection of pet-friendly plants. Join us in celebrating the beauty of nature while keeping your furry companions safe. To order, simply choose your favourite pet-friendly plant and pot to accompany it. Then, choose your gift card for a personalised message if sent to a loved one. At checkout, you can choose a delivery date that suits you best and we will ensure your plant gets delivered in perfect condition.

If we don't have any plants in that you like the look of, please get in touch with us and a member of our very experienced team will be on hand to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check whether a plant I have or am considering buying is safe for dogs and cats?

If you are ever unsure about whether you should keep a plant around your pet, the Horticultural Trades Association have a comprehensive list of all the plants that can cause side effects to dogs and cats. In the vast majority of cases, plants only become a problem if significant quantities of the plant material are ingested. When it comes to adult dogs and cats as they are predominantly carnivores, it's quite unlikely they would eat enough of a plant to cause a problem, but every animal is different and for puppies or for other pets that like to chew everything in sight, it is well worth checking a new purchase against this list.

What should I do if I'm worried that my pet has eaten a plant they shouldn't have?

If you think your pet has come into contact with a toxic plant, you should seek veterinary advice straight away. You can seek guidance from your veterinarian, or you can reach out to the National Animal Poison Line, which is available 24/7 at 01202 509000. Taking action quickly can greatly affect your pet's health and happiness. While awaiting advice, consider clearing any plant material from your pet's mouth and ensuring their comfort and tranquillity.

Do these plants have any benefits beyond being pet-safe?

Definitely! Many of our plants are known for their air-purifying properties, contributing to a healthier indoor environment. These plants also bring a sense of tranquillity and beauty to your home, enhancing your overall well-being.

What if I'm new to being a plant owner?

No problem at all! We understand that not everyone is a plant expert. Our collection includes a variety of plants that are easy to care for, even for beginners. We also provide simple care instructions to help you nurture your plants and watch them flourish.

Can I send these plants as gifts to pet owners?

Yes! Our pet-friendly plants make fantastic gifts for pet owners, whether they have cats, dogs, or other common household pets. You can share the beauty of nature without worrying about causing any harm to their furry companions.