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Purple flowering and purple leaved plants for indoors and out

Purple flowering plants are one of the most popular colours for garden plants. Whether your best bud loves indigo or your mum is looking for purple plants to match her favourite plates we've got a great range of purple flowering and foliage plants to choose from.

This collection of purple themed plants covers everything from deep blue and indigo through to pale and pinky purples. Please do note that for some plants multiple colours may be available so you may need to select from a drop down menu or add a note in the special instructions if it's a purple hued plant you are after.

What about purple planters? Our gorgeous planted arrangements are made up fresh at the nursery by our planter queen, Fiona, so if you'd like a particular colour palette just let us know. We have some lovely purple verbena and calibrachao at the moment so please just make a note in the special instructions to let us know you'd like just purple flowering plants or a nice mixture of complimentary blues, pinks and purples in your planter and we'll do just that.

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Purple Leaved Plants

Purple flowering plants are among the most popular choices for homes and gardens. Whether your friend loves the colour indigo, or your mum wants to complement her favourite dinnerware with purple blooms, we offer a stunning variety of purple flowering and foliage plants to choose from.

Why choose purple plants?

Choosing purple plants for your garden or home is a delightful way to add depth and elegance. They can seamlessly complement various garden styles from traditional cottage gardens to minimalist landscapes. With the wide variety of purple plants available, there are numerous options to create a visually captivating garden. Purple plants make a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other occasion.

The benefits of purple plants

Aesthetic appeal

Purple plants are rich and vibrant, making any home or garden truly stand out. With a diverse palette ranging from soft lavender to deep violet, these plants provide a stunning contrast to the greens of your garden foliage. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant border to help lead the eye through the garden or looking for a pop of colour in your kitchen, purple flowering and foliage plants are a great option.


The colour purple is often associated with luxury, creativity, and tranquillity, making it an excellent choice for flowers and plants in your home or garden. Incorporating purple blooms can create a serene and elegant atmosphere.

Additionally, purple symbolizes peace and magic, adding an extraordinary touch to any garden.


There are so many varieties of indoor and outdoor purple plants suitable for climates. From classic purple planters to brighten up your patio to English lavender to give your garden a relaxing aroma, there’s a range of purple flowers and foliage suitable for everyone.


Purple plants can easily be paired with a variety of other colours as they complement many garden palettes from pastels to vibrant designs. Pair your purple plants with silvers for a Mediterranean theme or go for complimentary pinks and burgundies for an opulent look.

Our range of purple plants

Our collection of purple-themed plants covers a wide spectrum from deep blue and indigo to pale and pinky purples. Please note that some of our plants come in multiple colours, so you might need to select the specific hue from the drop-down menu, or simply add a note in the special instructions to ensure you get the purple variety you’re after.

Indoor purple plants

Purple indoor plants can bring a touch of elegance and tranquillity to anyone’s home. Their unique hues add a vibrant and sophisticated charm to interior spaces and promote a calming atmosphere.

From pot black chillis for giving heat to dishes that sprout amazing purple flowers to a cape primrose that offers a beautiful shower of colour to your room, we have something for every space.

Outdoor purple plants

At Plants4Presents, we have a huge range of stunning outdoor plants that are perfect as gifts to your green-thumbed friends or family members.

Our beautiful planted arrangements are freshly made at the nursery by our planter queen, Fiona. If you have a specific colour palette in mind, just let us know.

Currently, we have lovely purple verbena and calibrachoa, so please let us know if you’d like exclusively purple flowering plants or a harmonious mix of complementary blues, pinks, and purples in your planter.

Why choose plants4 presents?

At Plants4Presents, we’re a team of plant enthusiasts who work hard to nurture each and every one of our plants to ensure they’re perfect by the time they get to your doorstep. We launched our family business in 2004, so we’ve got over 20 years of experience in delivering beautiful plants for a range of occasions.


Are purple plants attractive to pollinators?

Yes, many purple plants are highly attractive to bees and butterflies. Especially plants like lavender, verbena, and salvia.

How do I care for my purple plant?

Each plant comes with specific care instructions to help you give your plant the right amount of sunlight, water, and nutrients. If you have any specific questions about your plant, you can contact our team.

My purple flower is a gift, can you make sure there is no invoice with the plant?

Most of our plants don’t come with payment details unless you request otherwise, so you don’t need to worry about the recipient seeing the invoice.

Can I order my plants by phone?

Of course, you can give us a call on 0845 226 8026 or on 01825 721162 and someone will be available to take your order.

What’s the delivery process for purple plants?

When you’re checking out on our website, you can choose your specific delivery date and address. When you input your post code, you can see what type of delivery options are available to you. We send your plant gifts by DPD local courier delivery or Royal Mail Tracked Service.