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Poinsettia Plants Delivered

Christmas wouldn't be christmas without these festive blooms... Reserve yours now for Christmas 2020 in a choice of colours and in standard or giant sizes

Poinsettias are always popular at Christmas so we like to ensure we have a great range of strong British Grown plants for the festive season. We buy our Poinsettias from 2 local nurseries we have been working with for years. Just down the road, Peter Eastwood plants have been growing poinsettias for over 40 years and provide a range of colourful varieties from burgundy, to pink, to white to the traditional red. For our larger plants, we are going a bit further afield to Chichester to provide the real whoppers at 90cm tall.

Sussex grown quality plants

We take every care at every step, to ensure your poinsettia plant arrives in perfect condition.

Poinsettias are native to Central America and Mexico and this is one of the reasons they have a reputation for being temperamental in our colder winters. They simply don't like cold temperatures or draughts so it's really important they don't get exposed to cold winds or draughts at any stage of their journey. To prevent the sorry looking specimens you sometimes see in the supermarkets, we take every care, at every step, to ensure your poinsettia is properly looked after.

Our tried and tested varieties are grown in Sussex at 18C in heated polytunnels and each Poinsettia is sleeved and boxed for the 5 mile journey to our nursery. We keep them here in our own nursery on heated benches again at 18C until they are ready to be shipped. Then as well as our standard gift wrap and boxes we also include an extra layer of corrugated paper in all our poinsettia boxes to provide an extra blanket of insulation. We have successfully sent poinsettias like this through blizzards and some really artic temperatures in the last few years to destinations in the furthest reaches of the UK and Scottish Isles.

Red, White, Pink and multi-coloured Poinsettias.

Poinsettias are short day length plants and it is the shortening of the day light hours that triggers the colour to develop. The true flowers are actually the little clusters of yellow flowers in the middle of the plant, but the colourful display is created by the coloured leaves or bracts. One way to check the freshness and life left in a poinsettia is to check these true flower buds. Plants with buds or just opened flowers will hold their colour much longer than plants with open or spent blooms. Having said that with the right care Poinsettias can have a much longer season than just the festive holidays - one year we took our promotional photos in April from plants put aside at Christmas!

Breeders have developed a whole range of colours to feed our fascination with the humble poinsettia

In their native setting poinsettias are red and grow into large bushes on the mexican hillsides. The Aztecs called poinsettias Cuetlaxochitl and prized them for their coloured bracts and also the sap which was used to control fevers. Their botantical name of Poinsettias is Euphorbia pulcherrima which translated literally means 'very beautiful', in the 1820s they were given their common name 'Poinsettias' after Joseph Poinsett who introduced these colourful plants to North America where they have remained a seasonal favourite. Since then plant breeders have not only increased the hardiness of these plants but the range of colours they are available in, from whites and lemon yellows to some really unusual pink marbles and mottled reds. These more unusual colours make great statement plants but for a real festive feel you can't beat a deep christmas red.

Order now and reserve your Red, Pink or White or Giant Poinsettias for Christmas Delivery.