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Pot a tom plant in bloom Potatom in flower Potatom label Potatom with green tomatoes Close up of Potatom tomatoes Hybrid Potato Tomato Plant Hybrid Potato Tomato Plant Hybrid Potato Tomato Plant
Potatom with green tomatoes

Hybrid Potato Tomato Plant

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9 reviews
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Is it a potato? Is it a tomato? No, it's a potatom! Yep, that's right, this Hybrid Potato Tomato Plant grows potatoes on its roots and tomatoes on its stems, so all on the one plant. Actually, it's not so absurd when you think that they are both from the same Nightshade family. These cherry tomato plants have been grafted onto potato rootstock and are also sometimes known as Pomato plants.
Current Description

These highly unusual potatom plants make a really fun and quirky gift for the young at heart or inquisitive and so we're very happy to have them available again this year. They've grown on so quickly that we have recently repotted these plants into a 2L pot and they will continue to grow on rapidly over the summer months. As pictured, they already have their first tomatoes ripening on the vine. The magic will be happening underneath the soil too where the young potatoes will be starting to form.

60cm+ tall including 2L pot
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4.5 Stars 4.4/ 5 9 reviews
Jane Coker, Jul 26
5 stars

Really odd plant! Perfect gift

happyreviewer19, Jun 25
5 stars

A fun and unusual plant gift, delivered in excellent condition - looking forward to seeing the potatoes and tomatoes it produces.

liz Johnson, Jun 22
5 stars

Arrived with 26 little tomatoes already growing on it. Looked impressive

Linda Gardham, May 20
5 stars

I haven't seen it as it was a gift.

Mrs Pryde, May 07
5 stars

Excited to watvh it grow.

Mel Hampshire, May 06
5 stars

My sister-in-law loved her quirky gift I'm sure it will aways a great talking point!

Jill, Apr 28
5 stars

Bought as a gift good quality plant

Lorraine, Aug 16
4 stars

Interesting gift

Verena, Jun 21
1 stars

Very good plants

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

These Potatom plants have been bred specially to grow not only sweet cherry tomatoes but also potatoes making them perfect for when space is limited.

These potatoms have been recently repotted, however you will need to pot them into a much larger container soon to allow enough room for the potatoes to grow later this year. Potatom plants love sunlight and will be happiest in a sunny spot or in the greenhouse until the threat of frosts have passed. Give them as much direct sunlight as possible, and in a sheltered spot and not exposed to cold winds. The ideal temperature is 15-20 degrees centigrade. If keeping your Potatom in a greenhouse, regularly tap the branch or flower trusses to stimulate pollination.

Water the plant every day if possible and remove side shoots from the tomato plant and potato shoots that pop up above the earth. If you have any liquid feed they will benefit from feeding once a week (Tomato feed is best but any plant feed will contain extra nutrients).

With the right care these plants will treat you with fruit through the summer and then a bumper crop of potatoes in the autumn. Tomatoes that are allowed to ripen on the plant to a bright red will have the best flavour but green tomatoes can be used in chutneys or placed on a windowsill to ripen.

At the end of the season when all tomatoes have been harvested, cut off the stem and leave the crop for a few weeks. The potatoes will ripen in the ground. You can dig them up after ten to fourteen days. You should be able to unearth 2 to 3 kg of potatoes! The potatoes are small to medium yellow potatoes, firm-boiling and taste delicious.

These are annual plants and will only last one season.

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