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Large Rosemary plant Large rosemary in metal pail
Large Rosemary plant

Large Rosemary

These pretty rosemary pyramids are a great gift for the cook with evergreen leaves that can be used all year round.
Current Description
Rosemary leaves can be chopped and used straight away in cooking. Their strong flavour goes particularly well with meat dishes and root vegetables and these neat trees can be planted straight out into the garden.
60cm+ tall in a 4L pot
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Rosemary plants are very hardy and will be happiest outside or in a cool bright room or conservatory. The aromatic foliage is evergreen and they tend to flower on and off without a strict season.

Like most plants, herbs need sunlight. If indoors, try to keep your rosemary away from any radiators and out doors protect the roots with fleece from severe cold (-4C) or you can even plant your rosemary out in the ground.

Whilst in a pot your rosemary will need watering regularly. If you are away for a few days or the weather is very warm, stand your plants in a tray or saucer of water.

When picking herbs for cooking, cut or pick stems cleanly from the tip and try to harvest evenly to preserve the neat shape of your bush. Use sprigs of Rosemary whole with roast meats or stews or finely chop fresh rosemary and sprinkle with salt over roast potatoes before cooking.

Problem solving

Rosemary plants are generally very robust and need little care. Just ensure you keep them watered in the summer months and they will reward you with masses of tasty leaves for cooking and even edible blue flowers.

As conditions indoors can be quite humid, occasionally indoor herbs may develop a mildew or mould near the base of the leaves, if this occurs, pull off any affected leaves and try moving to a sunnier position with good airflow. Uneven watering can also be a cause of mould and mildews so ensure that you water regularly.