Fathers Day Gifts

Sorry - you've now missed the boat for Father's Day delivery

We do have lots of lovely plants available as belated gifts

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  1. Chilli Plant
    Chilli Plant Dwarf chilli plant in fruit
  2. Peach Tree
    Peach Tree Patio Peach Tree
  3. Mini Lemon  (Lara)
    Mini Lemon (Lara) Miniature lemons
  4. Tall Dipladenia
    Tall Dipladenia Colourful trumpets
  5. Pineapple Plant
    Pineapple Plant Delivered in Fruit!
  6. Calamondin Tree
    Calamondin Tree in fruit
  7. G and T Gift Set
    G and T Gift Set Includes Gin and Tonic
  8. Large Lemon Tree
    Large Lemon Tree in fruit

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    To £50.00

  9. Tahiti Lime Ministem
    Tahiti Lime Ministem The bartenders lime
  10. GYO Hops
    GYO Hops Grow your own hops
  11. Patio Rose
    Patio Rose In bud
  12. Apricot Tree
    Apricot Tree Semi-Dwarf Apricot Tree
  13. Grape Vine
    Grape Vine Grow your own grapes
  14. Rubber Plant
    Rubber Plant Glossy evergreen foliage
  15. Large Cheese Plant
    Large Cheese Plant Easy going houseplant
  16. Cardamom
    Cardamom Sweet aromatic leaves
  17. Chilli Plant Gift Set
    Chilli Plant Gift Set Chill plant chocolate and jelly
  18. Fig Tree
    Fig Tree Dwarf fig tree
  19. Campari Gift Set
    Campari Gift Set Bitter Orange Tree and Campari
  20. Pair of Olive trees
    Pair of Olive trees SPECIAL OFFER
  21. Pomegranate bush
    Orangequat Sweet miniature oranges
  22. Large Lime Tree
    Large Lime Tree Large Tahiti Lime
  23. Lemon4Seasons
    Lemon4Seasons Our most popular Lemon Tree
  24. Kaffir Lime Ministem
    Kaffir Lime Ministem Fresh lime leaves for cooking
  25. Vine and Wine
    Vine and Wine Winelovers gift set
  26. Tea Plant
    Tea Plant Grow your own tea!
  27. Fuchsia
    Fuchsia Easy care colour
  28. Large Bougainvillea
    Large Bougainvillea Long lasting purple blooms

28 Items

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Set Descending Direction