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Bay pyramid in metal pail Bay Pyramid              Pyramid bay tree Laurus Nobilus - Sweet Bay Bay leaves close up
Bay pyramid in metal pail

Bay Pyramid

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5 Stars
7 reviews
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These attractive pyramid bays look great either as a pair or on their own to decorate a table or windowsill. They are strong bushy plants and hardy down to -5C and so can be planted outside where they will do very well for many years to come providing plenty of fragrant leaves for cooking.
Current Description
New season! We're very pleased to have more of these attractive bay pyramids available again this year, looking fantastic as pictured. Like to make it festive? Check out our Christmas bay.
50cm tall including a 1.5L pot
5 Stars 4.9/ 5 7 reviews
Mrs M., Mar 29
5 stars

Flourishing and healthy.

David Carradice, Dec 26
5 stars

Beautiful bay tree. Will be looking to it growing.

Mr Richard Piper, Aug 07
5 stars

Don't know much about plants myself, this was a gift for my daughter who seems very pleased with it!

Dave Phillips, Jul 27
5 stars

You never quite know the quality of something when ordering online but was really impressed. Looks great - healthy and growing well!

Lorna Parker, Mar 09
5 stars

My dad really enjoyed this gift. Arrived in great condition.

Kate Harrington, Apr 04
5 stars

Excellent gift, well presented, in good condition. Recipient delighted.

Betty Brook, Dec 07
4 stars

Tree was very good but tin pail shoddy.

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

This is the sweet bay tree Laurus nobilis which produces savoury leaves for cooking. Bay leaves add a wonderful savoury flavour to soups, stews and meat dishes – put the washed leaves in the dish whole but remove before serving.

Long term these bay trees are best grown outside, young plants are happy indoors for a few weeks but do need to be kept in a bright, cool room away from any heating source.

When looking for a spot outside for your new bay, make sure your plant gets plenty of daylight, you can keep them in a pot or plant out in the ground, they do well in most soils and hardy in all but the coldest of UK winters. If especially cold your plant will benefit in being covered in fleece for short periods or moved to a sheltered location.

Bay trees are quite slow growing but if allowed, will grow to full size trees in about 30 years. To encourage healthy growth, repot your bay tree about once a year in the springtime. To keep their shape, you may also want to give them a haircut at the beginning and end of the growing season.

Problem Solving

Bay trees are very tough trees that require little maintenance. In the spring and summer your plant should begin to put on new leaves, don’t worry if they are a lighter colour than the existing leaves, they will colour up over a few weeks.

New shoots are more tender than established branches and may droop if exposed to hot or cold temperatures, ensure they are fully watered and try to keep in a frost-free temperature until the young leaves have matured and changed colour.

Crisp or brown leaves are the result of under watering, give your plant a good soak and it will start to recover.

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