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Hanging spider plant Spider Plant Spider plant in hanging basket
Spider Plant

Hanging Spider Plant

These easy going houseplants make great gifts for offices, for new homes or for bedrooms. They can be hung by the rustic string from the ceiling or a bookshelf and will thrive in low light as well as sunny rooms making them very adaptable. Part of our plastic free range these spider plants are grown at our Sussex nursery and planted directly into the coconut coir planter.
Current Description
These cute Kokodama planters are bang on trend and look fantastic freshly planted with one of our classic stripy spider plants. They make a perfect house warming or thank you gift for someone young at heart. The plants are slightly smaller than pictured and so we will update the photos as soon as we can.
20cm tall in a 12cm diameter Kokodama ball
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Spider plants are very easy-going house plants and are known for their air cleaning properties. They need to be protected from frost but do very well in a range of rooms from full sun to half shade. It will dry out quickly whilst in its hanging pot and will need watering fairly often to stop the compost drying out, especially during the spring and summer when the plant is growing. In the winter when the plant is resting you won’t need to water as often. The aim is to keep the soil just damp rather than wet. When the plant needs watering, run ½ a litre of water through the soil allowing the excess to drain away. Over time your plant should fill out, producing young baby plantlets from the root and sometimes from long stems in the centre of the plant. These ‘suckers’ can be replanted to create new plants if you wish and will grow on and establish themselves easily in just general purpose potting compost. Spider plants can be kept small by restricting the pot size but if you want to encourage it to grow on you may choose to repot it into a larger pot later in the summer. Choose a 1L pot and use an ordinary, well-draining potting compost. Problem solving: Brown tips to the leaves are the result of a dry atmosphere, try giving you plant a good misting and water more regularly. For further information about your Spider plant or our other plants visit www.plants4presents.co.uk or call 01825 721162