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Welcome the New Year in style with cheerful plants and planted arrangements

Lush Green foliage and Pretty spring planters are a great way to bolster the spirits or send cheer and good wishes for the year ahead

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A Gift of Growth

Plants are a symbol of growth and prosperity. By giving a plant as a gift for the new year, you’re representing new beginnings. Whether it’s a spider plant, money plant, or bamboo palm, we have the best gifts to show the spirit of renewal and promise that the New Year brings.

New Year plants for every space

Start the year off right by adding a touch of elegance to your or a loved one’s space. Our New Year plant gifts include a selection of stunning indoor plants that purify the air and enhance the ambience of a room with their natural beauty. Plants are a great way to bring some positivity and vitality into homes and workspaces – exactly what you need to enter the New Year!

Browse our collection and spread New Year cheer

Explore our diverse range of New Year plant gifts and discover the perfect way to send your warm regards for the year ahead. Whether it's a colleague, friend, or family member, these living presents are a unique and meaningful way to mark the beginning of a promising new chapter.

Why send New Year plant gifts?

Giving plants as New Year gifts symbolises growth and new beginnings. They’re enduring sentiments that thrive every single year to remind the recipient of you and your well wishes. By bringing nature indoors, these plant gifts enhance living spaces, promote better air quality, and express a range of emotions from gratitude to hope. Choosing a New Year plant gift unwraps not only joy but also the promise of a prosperous year ahead.

How to order New Year plants

At Plants4Presents, getting the plant gift you want is easy. Just look through our collection to find options for different occasions. Once you've found the perfect gift, choose a free container and greeting card. Write a personal message, pick a delivery date, and we'll handle the rest smoothly!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not sure about plant care?

We understand that not everyone is an expert in plant care. That's why we provide care instructions for each plant. Additionally, our team is here to answer any questions you may have about maintaining your plant.

How do I select the delivery date?

When placing your order, you'll have the option to choose the desired delivery date from our available schedule. Simply pick the day that works best for you, and we'll make sure your gift arrives on time.

What if there's an issue with my order?

If you encounter any issues with your New Year's plant, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to assist you and ensure that you have a positive experience with your Plants4Presents gift.

What if I want to send New Year plant gifts to multiple recipients?

You can easily send New Year plant gifts to multiple recipients by placing separate orders for each person. This way, you can ensure that each gift is personalised and arrives on time to convey your heartfelt wishes.