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Lemon verbena leaves Close up of lemon verbena leaves
Lemon verbena leaves

Lemon Verbena

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These tough lemon verbena plants are half hardy and can live outside most of the year with just a bit of frost protection in winter. Use the citrus flavoured leaves to make tasty herbal teas, cocktails and add a citrussy flavour for baking. This is a wonderful perennial herb that will grow on from year to year.
Current Description
The lemon verbena are looking nice and leafy again this week and have bushed over the summer. They will provide a plentiful supply of leaves for cooking for years to come with the right conditions. New photos coming soon.
35cm+ tall including 1L pot
4.5 Stars 4.7/ 5 3 reviews
Nikki, Aug 18
5 stars

Lovely healthy plant delivered on time

L. M., Oct 03
5 stars

great big size, ready to be used. A lovely gift for someone who loves fresh lemon verbena tea.

Bryony Davies, Oct 11
4 stars

It smelled great and goes well in all savoury dishes

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Lemon Verbena (Aloysia triphylla) is a lovely semi-tender perennial herb and will grow well in a pot on the patio or windowsill or in the ground in a sheltered garden. The leaves can be used fresh or dried for teas and in baking and in the right position they will grow on from year to year into a sizeable bush.

Find a nice warm frost-free spot for your lemon verbena and keep the soil moist but not too wet. The warmer and sunnier the position, the quicker your plant will grow on and the stronger the flavour will be.

In the summer your plant will love the garden and put on plenty of lush growth for harvest. In the winter months your lemon verbena will do best above 4C and so is best moved into the house or into a greenhouse where you can keep the rootball from freezing.

In the spring it would be worth repotting your plant into a bigger pot. Choose a free draining compost and if you can add some broken crocks or extra drainage to the bottom of the pot.

Cold weather and overwatering can result in limp leaves and leaf drop. In the winter particularly be cautious not to over water but if this does happen give your plant a trim and let it dry out and it should bounce back to life in the spring.

Pick and use the leaves fresh at any time of year or if you prefer trim the plant back at regular intervals and dry the leaves in a warm room for storage.

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