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Patio Veg Collection

Patio Veg Collection

This collection of four large 2 litre vegetable plants are perfect for the summer patio or for planting directly in the garden. Grown organically in our nursery, in peat free compost these strong plants are a great way to get a head start on your veg patch.
Current Description
A great gift for a beginner gardener, an allotment or to introduce a young person to the joys of growing their own veg, this cute grow-your-own starter pack comes with a choice of 4 vegetables or fruit. Bigger than pictured they are available on a fantastic special offer and you can select your 4 plants from the drop-down menus below. Delivered as really full, bushy plants, they should be re-potted within 2-4 weeks of delivery into larger pots, grow bags or into the ground to encourage the best harvest
4 x 30cm - 90cm depending on plant in 4 x 2L biodegradable pots
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

These care instructions are just an example. They will change depending on which plants have been ordered.

Tumbling Tomato Plant

These dwarf tomato plants have been bred specially to fruit on a windowsill, in a hanging basket or on a small patio and will produce sweet tasty cherry tomatoes. They have recently been repotted and will grow well but in a controlled manner in this size pot. However if you would like to encourage your plant to continue to grow and get a bigger harvest then you may wish to repot your plant into a larger pot in a couple of weeks time and stake your plant to some good stiff canes as it grows.

Tomato plants love sunlight and will be happiest on a sunny window sill, in a conservatory or outside on a patio. Give them as much direct sunlight as possible, but if you put them outside make sure they are in a sheltered spot and not exposed to cold winds. The ideal temperature is 15-20 degrees centigrade.

Water the plant every day if possible, and remove any yellowing leaves. If you have any liquid feed they will benefit from feeding once a week (Tomato feed is best but any plant feed will contain extra nutrients).

With the right care these plants will treat you with fruit for up to six weeks. Tomatoes that are allowed to ripen on the plant to a bright red will have the best flavour but green tomatoes can be used in chutneys or placed on a windowsill to ripen. These plants are grown to soil association approved organic standards and although we don’t use any nasty chemicals in our Sussex nursery, it is best to rinse the tomatoes before you eat them.

These are annual plants and will only last one season.