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British Grown Plants

At Plants4Presents we love supporting the best of British Horticulture

As well as growing hundreds of plants from seed and cutting on site at our Sussex nursery we also buy in plants from a whole range of brilliant specialists nurseries across the UK and this collection brings all those home grown plants together in one place.

British horticulture like British farming needs our support. As well as producing absolutely top quality plants British nurseries are leading the world in their movement away from peat and they of course have fewer 'plant miles' too so a win, win all round.

Want to learn more about why we should all be going peat free as soon as possible? or already committed to peat free and want to see our full selection of peat free plants you can now 'Shop Peat Free Plant Gifts' all in one place.

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British Grown Plants

At Plants4Presents, we celebrate the rich diversity and exceptional quality of British horticulture, and we are passionate about supporting local growers and nurseries at the same time. We offer a huge range of seasonal British grown plants nurtured with love in our own Sussex-based nursery. Buy now for yourself or as a gift and discover the quality of British plants.

What Are British Grown Plants?

British grown plants are as it sounds, they’re plants grown here in Britain. This means they aren’t travelling hundreds or thousands of miles to get to us. Choosing British grown plants supports local horticulture and reduces environmental impact through the minimised transportation distances. British growers, like Plants4Presents, adhere to high standards of sustainability and environmental stewardship, contributing to the overall quality and health of their plants.

The Benefits of British Grown Plants

Supporting British horticulture is akin to supporting British farming—it's essential. Not only do British nurseries produce plants of unparalleled quality, but they are also at the forefront globally in transitioning away from peat usage.

Moreover, by sourcing locally, we minimise 'plant miles', ensuring a sustainable approach that benefits everyone involved. It's a win-win situation all around.

Our British Grown Plants

We offer a huge range of indoor and outdoor British grown plants from our own nursery in Sussex. Our cooler climate means that plants are more often slow-grown, giving them time to develop strong root systems which makes for a sturdier plant that will thrive for many years to come.

We've also been working with many of our partner nurseries for over 15 years now and all our clematis, roses, poinsettias and now many of our houseplants all come from great British growers.

Indoor British Grown Plants

Our British grown houseplants are grown to thrive in indoor environments, bringing the beauty of nature into your home. From retro-style cheese plants to the easy-to-care-for rubber plant, our indoor collection offers something for everyone.

Outdoor British Grown Plants

For a thriving garden, why not include the climbing black eyed Susan to liven up your fences or classic roses for a patio staple? Our outdoor British grown plants help you create a stunning garden whilst supporting local nurseries and ensuring sustainable gardening practices.

Peat-Free British Grown Plants

Peat-free British plants are becoming more and more popular as we’re starting to understand the effects of extracting peat from peatlands. Peat stores huge amounts of CO2 that, when drained or damaged, releases the gas into the atmosphere which exacerbates climate change. At Plants4Presents, we’re continuing to improve our carbon footprint by offering peat-free British grown plants.

Want to learn more about why we should all be going peat-free as soon as possible? Or if you’re already committed to peat-free and want to see our full selection of peat-free plants you can now buy your peat-free plants all in one place.

Why Choose Plants4Presents

At Plants4Presents, we take pride in supporting the best of British horticulture. As well as growing hundreds of plants from seed and cutting at our Sussex nursery, we also collaborate with exceptional specialist nurseries throughout the UK. This curated collection brings together both our locally grown plants and those sourced from esteemed partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are British grown plants more sustainable?

Yes, British grown plants adhere to high standards of sustainability and environmental stewardship. They also have fewer 'plant miles', reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

How do I care for my British grown plant?

All of our plants come with care instructions depending on the species you’ve chosen.

Where are your plants grown?

We grow our plants at our Sussex-based nursery as well as sourced from a network of specialist nurseries across the UK.

Do you offer delivery for your plants?

Yes, we offer delivery across the UK. Our plants are carefully packaged to ensure they arrive in excellent condition.

Can I send a British grown plant as a gift?

Yes, we specialise in plant gifts, and believe British grown plants are an ideal gift for any occasion from weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and as thank you gifts! You can even leave a personalised note that we will hand-write for you and deliver directly to the recipient.

How do I know which plants are best for my garden?

Our website offers detailed descriptions and care guides for each plant. Additionally, our customer service team is available to provide personalised recommendations based on your specific needs and garden conditions.