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Peat free sustainably grown plants

Peat free plants are the more sustainable choice

These plants are all grown in substrates that don't use peat.

Most UK growers are now working towards peat free production so if you are interested in one of our other gift plants that are not listed here they may still be planted in reduced peat or working towards peat free plants but this collection only includes plants that are already completely peat free. Many of these are grown or potted on at our own Sussex nursery or from other pioneering British and European Growers.

Like all our gift plants this collection of plants are always delivered in sustainable plastic free and easily recyclable packaging and we continue to strive to be as environmentally responsible as possible.

You can read more about why going peat free is so important and our commitments to sustainability in our latest blogs on the subject.

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We believe the future of horticulture should and will be peat free

Peat has long been the staple of shop bought compost for gardeners and substrates for growers as it's a convenient and nutrient dense material that suits most plants. However digging up peat bogs on the scale that we have been doing for the last 50 years is not sustainable, does a huge amount of damage to these precious boglands and it's simply not necessary. There are now plenty of good and sometimes even better alternatives to peat and this collection brings together all of the plants in our range that are already using peat free compost throughout the growing cycle.

As gardeners we are generally huge fans of the environment of the natural world and it's so exciting to see that horticulture and particularly British horticulture has come such a long way on this issue in just a few years. Legislation banning peat has certainly helped speed up the process but some really innovative compost manufacturers and growers have put a lot of time and effort into producing quality soil and plants that don't have that negative impact on the environment. At our own nursery we have been using peat free compost exclusively since 2016 but it's so exciting to see the whole horticultural industry moving this way and we can now offer more and more plants that are grown in this more environmentally sustainable way.

Want to know more about why we should all be going peat-free. You can read about why we feel so strongly that peat should stay in the ground in our recent blog here.