Wedding Gifts

Great gift ideas for Summer Weddings

Gifts for the happy couple or to thank those who help make the day a success

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  1. Myrtle Ball
    Myrtle Ball Neat evergreen foliage
  2. Crab Apple Tree
    Crab Apple Tree Crab Apple Tree
  3. Aperol Spritz Gift Set
    Aperol Spritz Gift Set Grow your own cocktail fruits
  4. White Hydrangea
    White Hydrangea Large white flowerheads
  5. Fruit Cup Cocktail Set
    Fruit Cup Cocktail Set Grow Your Own Pimms!
  6. Tall Dipladenia
    Tall Dipladenia Colourful trumpets
  7. Pineapple Plant
    Pineapple Plant Delivered in Fruit!
  8. Colourful Bougainvillea
    Colourful Bougainvillea Various colours and varieties
  9. Campari Gift Set
    Campari Gift Set Bitter Orange Tree and Campari
  10. Pair of Vines
    Pair of Vines SPECIAL OFFER
  11. Large Cheese Plant
    Large Cheese Plant Easy going houseplant
  12. Pair of Olive trees
    Pair of Olive trees SPECIAL OFFER
  13. Pair of Large Olives
    Pair of Large Olives SPECIAL OFFER
  14. Walnut Tree
    Walnut Tree Young Walnut Tree
  15. Large Lime Tree
    Large Lime Tree Large Tahiti Lime
  16. Large Lemon Tree
    Large Lemon Tree with ripening green fruit
  17. Giant Calamondin
    Giant Calamondin Taller orange trees in fruit

18 Items

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