Wedding Gifts

Great gift ideas for Summer Weddings

Gifts for the happy couple or to thank those who help make the day a success

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  1. Vine and Wine
    Vine and Wine Winelovers gift set
  2. Grape Vine
    Grape Vine Grow your own grapes
  3. Apricot Tree
    Apricot Tree Semi-Dwarf Apricot Tree
  4. Siam Tulip
    Siam Tulip SPECIAL OFFER - £5 OFF
  5. Oleander
    Oleander Pretty mediterranean blooms
  6. Heritage Apple Tree
    Heritage Apple Tree Old English Favourites
  7. Large Fig
    Large Fig Hardy fig trees
  8. Dwarf Pomegranate
    Dwarf Pomegranate These are a lovely dwarf variety called 'nano' which has bright orange flowers
  9. Woodland Hydrangea
    Woodland Hydrangea Hydrangea paniculata.
  10. Wild Orchid
    Wild Orchid with hanging planter
  11. Myrtle Ball
    Myrtle Ball Neat evergreen foliage
    Available from 27/07/2018
  12. Lucky Bamboo
    Lucky Bamboo Chinese Lucky Bamboo
  13. Patio Rose
    Patio Rose In bud
  14. Bougainvillea 'Vera'
    Bougainvillea 'Vera' Bright pink bougainvillea
  15. Campari Gift Set
    Campari Gift Set Bitter Orange Tree and Campari
  16. Pair of Vines
    Pair of Vines SPECIAL OFFER
  17. Pair of Olive trees
    Pair of Olive trees SPECIAL OFFER
  18. Pair of Large Olives
    Pair of Large Olives SPECIAL OFFER
  19. Mulberry Bush
    Mulberry Bush Young fruit trees
  20. Large Lime Tree
    Large Lime Tree Large Tahiti Lime
  21. Large Bougainvillea
    Large Bougainvillea Long lasting purple blooms
  22. Large Lemon Tree
    Large Lemon Tree in fruit

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22 Items

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