Flowering Plants

Flowering plant gifts for indoors and out.

Colourful plants in bud and bloom.

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  1. Large Calla Lily
    Large Calla Lily NEW SEASON COLOUR
  2. Peruvian Heliotrope
    Peruvian Heliotrope Stunning purple flowers
  3. Azalea Plant
    Azalea Plant Pretty pink blooms
  4. Bougainvillea Plant
    Bougainvillea Plant Colourful 'paper' flowers
  5. Large Bougainvillea
    Large Bougainvillea NEW SEASON
  6. Spray Orchid
    Spray Orchid Elegant blooms
  7. Round Primrose Planter
    Round Primrose Planter Pretty Spring Planters
  8. Cymbidium Orchid
    Cymbidium Orchid Stunning oriental blooms
  9. Gardenia Bush
    Gardenia Bush Fragrant cream flowers
  10. Stephanotis
    Stephanotis NEW SEASON
  11. Pink Hydrangea
    Pink Hydrangea NEW SEASON

11 Items

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