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White hydrangea in full bloom from above White Hydrangea Close up of white hydrangea bloom Flower bud unfurling
White Hydrangea

White Hydrangea

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17 reviews
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These gorgeous white mophead hydrangeas are an elegant garden plant that will come back for a repeat performance year after year. The beautiful look of our flowers make the white hydrangea a perfect wedding gift/. Don't forget, we also offer our beautiful hydrangeas in pink.

Current Description
We're excited to have a fresh batch of these lovely pure white hydrangeas arrive this week. Looking absolutely stunning as pictured these chunky plants make a great gift for summer weddings and anniversaries.
50cm tall including a 4L Pot
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5 Stars 4.9/ 5 17 reviews
5 stars

A beautiful plant.

Janet Purvis, Jun 04
5 stars

Well packed, super condition.

David Sankey, Sep 15
5 stars

Good quality and good value.

Kay Crayford, Sep 02
5 stars

Perfect Birthday Gift

Nanan, Aug 27
5 stars

Feedback from recipient that plant was beautiful.

Alan, Jul 28
5 stars

Beautiful, healthy pant. Lovely pot.

Satisfied customer, Jul 09
5 stars

Beautiful and healthy

Samantha, Jul 02
5 stars

Lovely plant.

Evelyn Burns, Jun 02
5 stars


Maria, May 23
5 stars

Beautiful.... In bloom fresh and lovely arrived in time and delighted the recipient who was exceedingly impressed Cheers...... Great value for money Great service and very reliable. I highly recommend this company

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Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Hydrangeas are a woodland plant with attractive long-lasting flowers. With the right care they can bring pleasure for years.

Best kept in a pot on a patio or planted out in the garden, your hydrangea will be happiest in a sheltered spot in partial shade.

When the plant is in a small pot it will need regular watering. Water from the top and let the excess drain away. You can stand it in very shallow water – but don’t let the plant get too waterlogged. The top of the soil should be damp to the touch at all times.

As your plant grows it should be potted in a larger container or in the ground. When planting out, dig a nice big hole and add some compost or well-rotted manure to help your plant settle in. Keep your plant well-watered whilst it is establishing and then water as necessary.

It is said to be best to leave the last flush of flowers on the plant through the winter when planted outside to protect you plant through the coldest months, you can neaten them up in spring and prune off all of the old, damaged growth as soon as they start to grow green shoots.

Problem Solving

Scorching can be caused by direct sunlight, if you notice this move to a shadier position.

If the leaves start to droop and the flowers start to curl you know your plant is thirsty, so water straight away.

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