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Plants for the Office

Best Plants for the Office

There are numerous studies to show the benefits of plants in an office environment. Plants don't just improve the aesthetics of a room, they can reduce stress and remove harmful toxins and static from the environment too. Because most offices don't have a lot of natural light or windowsills, we've brought together some of the best plants for low light office environments below.

In a busy office it's always good to choose an easy going plant that will thrive without too much care so all these plants are particularly low maintenance but of course if it's a home office or a room with more light there may be other options.

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  1. Zanzibar Gem
    Zanzibar Gem Striking glossy foliage
  2. Guzmania
    Guzmania Easy going indoor colour
  3. Siam Tulip
    Siam Tulip New Season colour
  4. Lucky Leaves
    Lucky Leaves Funky foliage plant
  5. Spider plant
    Spider plant SPECIAL OFFER - £5 OFF!
  6. Pineapple Plant in fruit
    Pineapple Plant in fruit Unusual Fruiting Plant
  7. Money Plant
    Money Plant Crassula or Jade Plant
  8. Coffee Plant
    Coffee Plant Great novelty plants
  9. Large Aloe Vera
    Large Aloe Vera The medicinal Aloe Vera
  10. Calamondin Tree
    Calamondin Tree in fruit

10 Items

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