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Vietnamese Coriander

This vigorous herb is widely used in South East Asian dishes and is particularly well known as the ingredient in laksa. Also known as Vietnamese mint it's Latin name is Persicaria Orodorata and is very different from the common coriander most people are perhaps familiar with.
Current Description
A really peppery and unique herb that will produce masses of fresh leaves for cooking. Keep on a windowsill, put on a sunny patio during the summer or plant into the garden in the spring. This is a perennial herb but should be protected from extreme cold and even with a mild frost, it will die right back to the ground over winter. We've got a fresh crop of these fragrant herbs that have been grown at our nursery, they are already looking nice and bushy as in the main picture but they are very vigorous and will grow on quickly.
40cm+ tall in a 3L Pot
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Large Vietnamese Coriander in summer Vietnamese Coriander     Vietnamese Coriander
Large Vietnamese Coriander in summer
Care Instrictions

These instructions are sent with the plant gift

Looking after your Vietnamese Coriander

Vietnamese coriander (Persicaria Odorata) is a spicy herb used in south-east Asian dishes. Although called “coriander” it is quite different from the coriander you would find in the UK supermarket. The leaves have a fresh peppery flavour and you can use it to add a bit of zing to hot dishes, laksa or soups, or raw in salad.

This is a very easy plant to take care of, as long as it has warmth and light. Its home is in the marshes of Asia, and it will wilt quickly if you let it dry out. So, make sure you water every day in the summer, or stand it in a saucer of water if you have to be away.

It is best grown as a pot plant in the UK because that way you can bring it in for the winter. It is not hardy so does need protection from frost. A sunny windowsill or conservatory is best where it will remain evergreen although won’t grow much. In the spring, however, it will leap back to life putting on lots of tasty new foliage.

Vietnamese coriander is a very vigorous plant, don’t be afraid to harvest it regularly to keep it in shape and if you find it outgrows it’s pot it can be re-potted any time from March to September (i.e. in the growing season).

These are a new introduction to our range of edible plants and we’d love to hear your experiences and perhaps your recipes?