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Lime Trees

Our full range of lime trees for drinks and cooking.

Lime trees like a sunny spot and to be protected from frost in the winter but with a little care they will thrive in the UK climate. The best lime to grow for drinks is the classic Tahiti lime or bartenders lime available in a range of sizes below. Finger limes and Thai kaffir limes also make great gifts for cooks, or for those who like to grow something a little different.

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Buy lime trees online for a great gift, or why not treat yourself?

Lime trees do really well in this country with the right care, and will produce flowers and delicious fruits year after year.

A lime tree makes a fabulous plant gift, and whether you want them for your Mojitos and prefer a classic Tahiti lime, or something to create Thai flavours in cooking then Kaffir lime will be right up your street. Either way we have them at different ages and stages to suit every space and budget.

If you'd like an even more unusual citrus plant, we also regularly have finger limes in stock. Although they originate from Australia they are actually one of the most hardy varieties of citrus and will overwinter outside even in the UK. The long finger-like fruits are filled with individual cells of lime that 'pop' on the mouth giving them their name of lime caviar in culinary circles.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of caring for citrus and so when you purchase from us you can be confident that you will receive a lovely healthy tree and excellent after care support too. We have a small team who are very knowledgeable about caring for citrus and are always happy to help if ever you need advice about your lime tree.