Lime Trees

Our full range of lime trees for drinks and cooking.

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  1. Baby Kaffir Lime
    Baby Kaffir Lime Young Kaffir Lime Plant
  2. Large Lime Tree
    Large Lime Tree Large Tahiti Lime
  3. Red Lime (Rangpur)
    Red Lime (Rangpur) Unusual mandarin-like fruit
  4. Finger Lime
    Finger Lime Australian finger limes
    Available from 25/01/2019
  5. Kaffir Lime Ministem
    Kaffir Lime Ministem Fresh lime leaves for cooking
  6. Large Kaffir Lime
    Large Kaffir Lime Fragrant leaves for cooking
  7. Medium Lime Tree
    Medium Lime Tree The classic lime for drinks and cooking

7 Items

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