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Shorter plants suitable to send to remote areas and on our Cheaper Royal Mail Saturday Delivery Service

These are the shorter plants in our collection that are perfect when space may be more limited, or if you need something that is a good size for a windowsill.

These smaller plants also have more delivery options available for them making them suitable to send to remote areas of the UK including the Isle of Wight, Scottish Isles and Isle of Man on a standard Royal Mail Delivery Service.

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Suddenly remembered a birthday but don't want to pay too much for the weekend delivery?

These plants are beautiful yet small enough to be sent on our cheaper £6.95 Royal Mail Tracked Service for delivery on a Saturday. They are also the best choice when sending to remote areas of the UK including the Isle of Wight, Isle of Man and the Scottish Isles as they can all travel on Royal Mail postal services with no extra charge.

Select from plants that will do best outdoors, those that like to be indoors, or maybe somkething that is easy to look after

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we offer plants under 60cm tall?

This collection of plants are all small enough to fit in our 2ft boxes and travel on a Royal Mail tracked service to the most remote areas of the UK where our DPD services cannot reach. If you are looking for smaller plants to suit a smaller home or outside space you can also view our full selection of plants and filter by plant height using the option at the top of left hand side of the page.

What type of flowers under 60cm tall do you offer?

We have a wide of flowering plant, young trees and fruit bushes available.

Do your plants under 60cm tall come already potted?

Yes each of our plants will come well rotted in one of our recyclable growers pots with a choice of stylish pot covers. Just make sure to select which one of you want when placing your order.

What type of fruit trees or fruit plants under 60cm do you offer?

At Plants4Presents we have a range of fruit trees and fruit plants that can be sent to remote areas of the UK. You can choose from a fantastic range including lime trees, calamondin trees, baby lemon plants and blueberries.

Are your plants under 60cm suitable for growing outside?

Yes we have a great selection of garden plants and plants for patios that can be sent on Royal Mail services to remote areas of the UK. Use the filters on this page to filter by position or narrow the selection to just outside plants.