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Fruiting Lemon Tree
Fruiting Lemon Tree
Lemon Eureka or Four Seasons Tree
Hardy Lemon Plant

Lemon Farmers

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These agricultural lemon trees are not as ornamental as our other lemon trees as they are cultivated for fruit production. They are a variety known as Lemon Eureka or '4 Seasons' and are specifically grown as saplings for farmers and fruit growers.

Perfect for a conservatory, polytunnel or greenhouse these strong lemon trees come with a small deep pot and should be planted directly into the ground on arrival. These strong lemon saplings are great gifts to grow outside in a very sheltered spot or to plant into the ground in a polytunnel. Sorry we have now sold out of these farmers lemons until next year

1.2m+ tall in a 3L pot Sorry we do not have this plant in stock at the moment, but please call on 0845 226 8026, or use the contact us link at the bottom of the page.

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Looking after your Lemon Farmers
These instructions are sent with the plant gift
This tough Lemon Tree (Citrus Eureka) produces large yellow lemons with a good flavour and fragrant white star shaped flowers on and off throughout the year.
Lemon trees do surprisingly well in this country and this is a particularly hardy variety designed to bear fruit outdoors in a sheltered spot. This heavy cropping variety is in fact the same type of tree to be planted in fields in the mediterranean but in this country they will need to be protected from frost. In the winter, a polytunnel or greenhouse is ideal but they will also do well under a fleece outside or in a cool light room indoors. From late spring your plant will be happiest outside. These trees can handle short periods of frost but if we have any prolonged cold spells below -2°C they will need some protection to keep the roots from freezing.
When watering, always water from the top and allow excess water to drain away. The roots should never be allowed to stand in water and the top of the soil should be allowed to dry out completely between waterings. The amount of water your plant will need will vary a lot between summer and winter and on the situation, so use the weight of the pot and the dampness of the soil as a guide. Your lemon tree will also benefit from a citrus feed every week or so in the summer. You will find more pruning and care instructions specific to your tree on the colour label.
Overwatering,, underwatering and extremes of temperature can all be a cause of leaf drop. One or two leaves is not something to worry about but more than 20 and your plant is not happy. However, in most cases, return to a regular watering routine and temperature will lead to recovery.
These are the same trees as those grown for commercial lemons and the fruits are great in drinks and cooking. Leave them on the tree as long as possible to allow the fruit time to sweeten up and do no

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