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Tahiti lime tree
Tahiti lime tree
Tahiti lime tree
Lime tree fruits

Large Lime Tree

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This is the "Tahiti Lime" - Citrus latifolia - which produces tasty fruits for drinks and cooking. In the winter keep them in a cool, light place indoors to protect the roots from frost, but in the summer they can go out on the patio, or in a conservatory, or by a big window.

We've got some nice strong lime trees in at the moment. Although they are not in fruit just yet we do expect them to flower and fruit again in the Spring.

80cm tall+ in a 5L pot

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Looking after your Tahiti Lime
These instructions are sent with the plant gift
This little tree has both tasty fruit and fragrant flowers. It can bring pleasure for months, or even years, with the right care.
Citrus trees need light and like to be near a window, skylight, or patio door. In summer your lime tree will enjoy a sheltered patio but needs to come inside as soon as there is a nip in the evening air. Try to keep your plant away from cold draughts, direct sunlight and radiators.
If you need to repot your plant, do so in the spring in citrus compost. As a general rule, fruit buds should start to appear in early May and develop slowly into large and juicy limes great for cooking or sliced in cold drinks..
The most common problem is leaves dropping due to over or under watering. If the leaves turn crisp before they drop it is likely to be underwatering, if however they are soft and go a dark grey brown colour before dropping you plant may need less water and/or a less damp spot. A return to regular watering routine should help your plant recover but it severe cases it may be necessary to cut off any dead growth and be patient while it recovers. If the leaf edges turn brown this is a sign of scorching. Your may need to move your plant back from a window or move it out of direct sunlight. Our lime trees are grown in a pesticide free environment. In the unlikely event that you find pests eg aphids, these can be removed by hand or with a soap and water spray.

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Tahiti Lime
Citrus latifolia
An alternate common name is Persian lime.
Scented white flowers
Sharp, good sized limes with few pips, are ripe when they start to turn yellow-greem
Tahiti Limes are hardier plants than the small mexican limes that we generally buy from the supermarket. They are moderate growers and can eventually reach heights of 15ft with long sweeping, mostly thornless branches.
It is believed that the Tahiti was introduced into the Mediterranean region by way of Iran (formerly called Persia) and from there portugese traders took it to South America. In the 1800s it was then spread to Europe, America and Australia where it has been in commercial production in the States ever since.
Season: Mar to Mar
Tahiti Limes can be used just like the Mexican limes and are great in drinks and cocktails as well as salsa, fish and mexican dishes.

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" After traipsing round Garden centres and Nuseries,looking at the sad citrus on offer, I went on-line and found this site. I ordered a Lemon, Lime, Orange and Clementine for myself and an Orange for my buddy. They arrived today in excellent condition, good shaped little trees with glossy leaves. We are both really pleased and his wife thought the card (Mistle Thrush) was very nice too. Excellent products. Excellent service. " K. F. - June 2016
" Just to say how pleased I am with my Lime Tree that I have received today. It was wonderfully packed and presented and arrived in great condition. I will recommend. " B. B. - April 2016
" Thank you for your excellent service and help with all my problems of getting a big plant to Guernsey - everything worked perfectly and delighted with the plant and thrilled to find blossom on it already. " Ali Tagart - January 2015
" Just received a large lime tree from my son and daughter. The plant was very robust with good care instructions and very well presented in its gift wrap. I am so delighted that I have gone on-line to choose a gift from you for a friend's wedding anniversary. " P T - August 2014
" I received the three citrus plants this morning in very good condition and I am very pleased with them.Many thanks for your all your help and for organising such a prompt delivery. " Kamil Ali - May 2014
" Hi, I have just received delivery of a lime tree that I ordered a few days ago. I would just like to tell you I am delighted with my purchase. Was delivered on time as arranged and the tree is in perfect, healthy condition and looks amazing. Will def shop here again. Thank you " Brenda C - May 2013
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