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Jasmine Sambac
Jasmine Sambac
Arabian Jasmine Flowers
Jasminum sambac Maid of Orleans

Arabian Jasmine

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Evergreen jasmine (Jasmium Sambac) with glossy rounded leaves and waxy snow-white flowers. Heavenly scented. A unique perfume - a jasmine to inspire poetry. Despite its name, this jasmine is most popular in Asia, where it is a favourite in wedding garlands.

This arabian jasmine has an unbelievably sweet scent and grows best as a houseplant in the UK. These are an unusual jasmine with a less showy appearance and a stronger fragrance. Available again from the beginning of May.

45cm high in a 1L pot Sorry we do not have this plant in stock at the moment, but please call on 0845 226 8026, or use the contact us link at the bottom of the page.

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Looking after your Arabian Jasmine
These instructions are sent with the plant gift
This scented jasmine (Jasminum sambac) is grown for its heavenly perfume and white starry flowers. It will do well on a sunny windowsill or in a conservatory. This summer jasmine does not flower as profusely as some of its relatives, but it will flower for a long period if you keep cutting back the spent flowers.
.To ensure your plant gets enough light, place it near a window in a bright room or conservatory or on a patio outdoors in the summer. A cool room is best so try to keep your plant away from any radiators. Try to keep your jasmine away from radiators and draughts whilst it is indoors in the winter.
Keep nipping off the spent flowers to encourage more shoots and buds.
If the leaves appear scorched or crispy check that they are not too close to a window. Leaves and buds can both be scorched or chilled by contact with window glass. If buds and flowers are dropping without opening check for draughts and extremes of temperature.

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Arabian Jasmine
Jasmium Sambac
Highly scented white star shaped flowers
A unique perfume - a jasmine to inspire poetry.
Cultivated in india for hundreds of years, this is a really highly scented jasmine associated with weddings and romance.
Season: Mar to Jun
Very highly scented flowers used in asian weddings
Further information available at http://www.ehow.com/list_7408316_potted-jasmine-plants.html

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" Just to say a big thank you for the plant sent to my Dad today. It really cheered him up!He said it was beautiful, healthy with lots of buds. " L B - July 2014
" I just wanted to thank you all very much indeed. What great service! I ordered four plants on Monday evening all all were successfully delivered with great success to various destinations yesterday - all my friends loved them! " E H - June 2014
" Just a big thank you for the lovely Jasmine "Maid of Orleans" I ordered on line from you, for my Mother in Law.Plant arrived Next Day in tip top condition. You really made our day! " R L - June 2014